Interview Data: Ms. Richards tells the nurse, “I have a really bad pain in front of my butt. It hurts so much that I can’t even wipe with a tissue after I go to the bathroom. There is no way I could have a bowel movement right now.” Ms. Richards states that the pain started 2 days ago and is “much worse now.” When asked about her sexual activity, she says, “I’m with a guy, but it’s not exclusive or anything. We see other people and try not to be real serious.”

Examination Data VS: BP 110/80 CR 80 RR 16 Temperature 98.8degrees Fahrenheit

HEENT: Within normal limits


CV: Within normal limits

Respiratory: Within normal limits ABD: Within normal limits External examination: Typical hair distribution, urethral meatus intact, no redness or discharge. Perineum intact. Extreme pain response to palpation of vaginal opening; edema, redness, and mass detected on right side. Spontaneous, foul-smelling, dark yellow discharge noted with palpation over Bartholin’s glands. Internal examination: Deferred because of extreme pain associated with the exam. Musculo-Skeletal: Within normal limits. Pathophysiology.

Please follow the rubric so you will get the maximum points for this case study. Always highlight the pathophysiology of the disease condition that is chosen as the primary diagnosis. Pathophysiology.

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