Nursing Theory

Nursing Theory
Nursing theories are relevant in the practicing of nursing as they help to guide the process of providing healthcare services to the patients and hence must be followed at all times. In the course of learning, I have learned several nursing theories and how they are applied in clinical procedures. One nursing theory is the Self-care deficit nursing theory by Dorothea Orem which stipulates that as nurses, there is need to consider the health status of ourselves as well as that of the relatives we have. Most of the nurses lack this as they are focused on providing healthcare services to other patients and hence forget to provide themselves with better care. Another nursing theory is the Behavioral System Model and its Application, where I have learned how to behave professionally in the clinical settings and how my behavior affects the clinical procedures and other operations.
Other theories that I have learned include the Transitions Theory, Theory of caring, the Theory of Bureaucratic caring and the theory of successful ageing. The principles in each nursing theory play an important role in the process of delivering quality health care in the clinical setting. In the course of learning, I have managed to understand how to apply these nursing theories in class assignments, and I can as well define the same. The opinions have helped me to understand how my behavior, values and personal code of conduct may be affected in the clinical setting and how the same may change when working within such facilities.

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