Nursing Diagnosis and Care Plan Assignment

Purpose This activity will be a continuation of the Milestone 1: Health History that you submitted in Week 4. In this part of the assignment you will take the information you gathered, analyze the data, and develop a nursing care plan. Course Outcomes This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes: CO #3: Utilize effective communication when performing a health assessment. (PO #3) CO #4: Identify teaching/learning needs from the health history of an individual. (PO #2) CO #5: Explore the professional responsibilities involved in conducting a comprehensive health assessment and providing appropriate documentation. (PO #6) Points This assignment is worth a total of 250 points.

Grading Criteria Category Points % Description ANALYZE THE DATA Areas for focused assessment 30 12 Provide an overview of those areas of strength and weakness noted on the Health Assessment, Health History. Do not go into detail in this section. Client’s strengths 30 12 Expand on areas identified as strengths related to the person’s overall health. Support your conclusions with data from the textbook. Areas of concern 30 12 Expand on areas previously identified as abnormal and those that place the person at health risk. Support your observations with data from the textbook. Health teaching topics 30 12 What health education needs have you identified? Support your statements with facts from the Health History and information from your textbook. NURSING CARE PLAN Diagnosis 30 12 Write one nursing diagnosis that reflects a priority need for this person. Types of diagnoses include an illness, risk for illness or a wellness diagnosis. Plan 30 12 Write one goal and one measurable expected outcome related your nursing diagnosis. Explain why this goal and outcome is a priority. Include cultural consideration of the client. For example, African Americans are at higher risk for hypertension and any prehypertensive blood pressure readings should be addressed. Intervention 30 12 Write as many nursing orders or nursing interventions that you need in order to achieve the outcome. Provide the rationale for each intervention listed Evaluation 30 12 You won’t have an opportunity to carry out your care plan so you cannot evaluate the effectiveness of your nursing orders/interventions. Instead comment on what you would look for in order to evaluate your effectiveness CLARITY OF WRITING 10 4 Use proper grammar, spelling and medical language Total 250 pts 100% A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.

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