NURS – 6003N Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing

RE: Discussion – Week 1 – NURS – 6003N Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing
 I’ve been in the medical field for 40 years, however, have only been a nurse for the past 12 of those years. I started my nursing journey when my children were older and in high school, and the timing was right for our family. Because of the later start into my dream field, I dove into it with both feet and swam at lightening speeds to try to become the best nurse I could be, and what I found in myself was that I enjoy and excel at promoting change. NURS – 6003N Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing I don’t know if that has to do with my age and associated life experiences, or if that was an innate ability in me all along that I was unaware of. I began my nursing career on a medical surgical floor, then transitioned to a hospice unit until it’s closure, and then to ICU. During the past 40 years I have been a CNA, med aide, and clinic manager of a busy urology practice, in addition to the past 12 years as a RN. I always knew I wanted to become a nurse practitioner.

I began researching schools and programs that were entirely online NURS – 6003N Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing. I have several friends who have gone to Walden University in the recent past, and spoke very highly of it, so I put this university on my list. As I was searching, some of the most important facets for me are the reputation and ranking of the school, cost, educational level of the professors, and the vision and mission statements. It was easy to cross off several universities for me due to the absence of the important factors I mentioned. Walden University stayed on the top of my list for quite some time. I can honestly say this university meant all of my criteria. Walden’s mission and vision statements spoke to me for several reasons. What I appreciate most about Walden’s mission statement is that it highlights diversity (Walden University, 2020). The topic of diversity is exceedingly important to me for multiple reasons, and so much that I wanted to be sure I was a part of a graduate program that emphasizes and promotes this topic.

In meeting my personal goals, and reading on Walden’s website in the College of Nursing vision and mission statements, I knew I had found the perfect college for me when I discovered that Walden’s view is not just to feed us knowledge, though that is exceedingly important as a practitioner, but this distinct university desires to move us to become change agents (Walden University, 2020). That is when I knew it was a perfect fit for me and would challenge me as a person and nurse. I want to be challenged to think outside my box, and the knowledge base that I have thus far. This proved evident in the scholar-practitioner portion of the vision and mission statements by stating “have a deep curiosity, drive, and commitment to solve pressing problems in their field” (Walden University, 2020, Vision, Mission, and Goals, para. 3). This is when Walden became my school of choice. It is my belief that as nurses, we are a trusted, revered profession that has a platform to produce change in not only the medical field, but in the world. This is what I desire to be a part of in my life, especially as a practitioner in the future NURS – 6003N Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing.

The word networking can be thought of in a negative connotation, thus associated with being a smoothie type person or schmoozing people just to get a desired outcome (Schmidt, n.d.). I was glad this was brought up in this article because I believe nurses are as far removed from exhibiting salesmen or insurance agent schmoozing behavior as anyone could be (Schmidt, n.d.). Professional networking for nurses is a valuable and useful tool that we should be taking advantage of in order to make professional relationships that may lead to career advancements, increased knowledge base, and develop a more powerful voice to effect change (Schmidt, n.d.) NURS – 6003N Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing.

According to P. Wofford, Founder of Your Nurse Connection, over 70 percent of nursing jobs are secured via professional networking opportunities (Wofford, 2018) NURS – 6003N Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing. We are all aware that social media can be used positively or negatively, and in the case of professional networking, social media is an effective tool (Wofford, 2018).

I personally belong to several Facebook medical groups, and have enjoyed the networking and exchange of knowledge. Other interesting ways to network as a nurse are becoming an influencer on Instagram or become a blogger, volunteer, attend conferences, have a signature look about you, seek out connections, and have business/networking cards available to exchange with connections made (Wofford, 2018). This article suggests not joining more than 10 social media type groups, and always send a follow-up email after making a connection (Wofford, 2018). Conferences are my personal favorite, and one that I’ve utilized frequently in my nursing career. I have always gained knowledge, and used it to empower my peers or those I supervise. It is the conferences I’ve attended on my own that have afforded be to become a change agent in my nursing career NURS – 6003N Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing.

I have chosen the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner program, not only because I enjoy this field, but because it needs and deserves change. It was my belief that the school I chose would have a great deal to do with the effectiveness of the changes I will be able to execute for the greater good of my profession. Becoming a scholar practitioner will enable and equip me to be able to effect the changes I hope to be a part of in my community regarding mental health advocacy. I have networked with a psychologist in the past who has given me great insight into the challenges surrounding the stigmas associated with the mental health industry, and I believe that has helped me by forming me into a passionate, and non-judgmental nurse to advocate for those struggling with mental health issues. NURS – 6003N Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing.


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NURS – 6003N Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing Response

I admire the fact that you have been in this field  so long, I truly think it takes a special person to put the care of others in the forefront. I am curious to know more about your time on the hospice unit as this is something I have wanted to do, but I felt that I may not be able to function with the thought that my patient would eventually pass on. While I do have an understanding that Hospice care is not only comfort care, and it does factor in holistic care. I don’t think I fully understand every thing that Hospice encompasses. I would think that it would aid in improving the quality of life that is left? maybe you could expound on that for me. NURS – 6003N Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing

I will not say that I did much research in schools but I did trust my nursing  counterparts when it came to the school that put them first.

I also read your post and noted your article on professional networking. There was once a time when I just went to work and did my job limiting my conversation to patients, families, doctors and fellow nurses. I didn’t realize prior to becoming a nurse exactly how important it would be to my overall career to have effective communication and networking. I can agree that by networking it opens the door to many other opportunities and aids in securing jobs. Though I did not realize how much planning and preparation went into effective networking. And according to your presented article when networking one should have their career goals in mind (Schmidt, n.d.).

I also belong to a few Facebook groups that pertain to medical topics, I love how colleagues can come together without putting each other down and spread love and knowledge also, I believe that I have missed many networking opportunities by being ill prepared and not being exactly conscious of my overall goals in the past. I did not began my journey as goal oriented as I have been as of lately. I believe my energy was somewhat misplaced, that is why I am always happy to see someone who has all of their plans lined out such as you. Reading your post I became even more inspired to get my ducks in a row.

I also commend you on your entrance into the Mental Health practitioner program, you are correct, I do not feel enough focus is placed on mental health as a lot of the issues go undiagnosed, and in some ethnicities there is a stigma assigned to seeking help when it comes to mental health it has been viewed at times as being weak. While I considered the ACAGNP program I feel as though I would like to extend my care across and entire lifespan and not be limited by a specified degree, my whole career has been spent with the elderly, I feel its high time for me to spread some love to the rest of the population.


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Discussion: Career Goals: Strengths and Challenges Related to Nursing Practice Competencies

An advanced practice nurse collaborates and communicates with patients, families, doctors, nurses, and specialists to ensure patients receive the care they need. As they diagnose, treat, manage, and educate patients, they are responsible for ensuring patient safety and maintaining ethical behavior. Competencies have been developed to help the advanced practice nurse to understand the practice knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to be successful. NURS – 6003N Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing

Photo Credit: michaeljung / Adobe Stock

For this Discussion, you will examine advanced nursing practice competencies and reflect on your strengths and challenges related to the competencies. In light of your reflection, you will consider how this course may help you attain your career goals or objectives.

NURS – 6003N Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing To prepare:

  • Review the Learning Resources for this week, specifically the advanced nursing practice competencies. As you review the competencies, reflect on your own strengths and challenges when working with adults across the lifespan.

By Day 3- NURS – 6003N Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing

Post a summary of your expectations of this course. Also, include a brief explanation of your strengths and challenges as they relate to nursing practice competencies when working with adults. Describe any career goals or objectives this course may help you accomplish in the Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) or Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (AGPCNP) role and explain why. Use your research to support your explanations by providing credible and scholarly sources.

Read a selection of your colleagues’ responses.

By Day 6

Respond to at least two of your colleagues on two different days by offering a suggestion or resources to help your colleagues in addressing their personal strengths or challenges, or their career goals. Use your research to support your suggestions. Provide at least 3 credible and current scholarly sources.

Note: For this Discussion, you are required to complete your initial post before you will be able to view and respond to your colleagues’ postings. Begin by clicking on the Post to Discussion Question link and then select Create Thread to complete your initial post. Remember, once you click Submit, you cannot delete or edit your own posts, and you cannot post anonymously. Please check your post carefully before clicking on Submit!


 Discussion – Week 1

        Hello my name is Caylisa Handy. I have been a nurse for almost two years in February. I have accomplished numerous awards and accolades in such little time in my career. I am the chair of shared governance and currently working on my RN3. I love what I do serving and advocating for my patients. I currently work on a orthopedic, med surg, trauma, and surgical floor, where we see a lot of gun shot wounds, falls, etc. Previously, I worked at an OBGYN office as a Medical Assistant. After completing nursing school, I decided I would change specialties to gain experience in a different area of nursing NURS – 6003N Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing.

As I have been a student my entire life, literally I have been in school since I graduated high school in 2008; I had the desire to be a labor and delivery (L&D) nurse, however, as I stated before after nursing school I decided I would start with med surg and later return to L&D. I have learned through this journey of nursing that you have to have a strong support system. What I love about my company is that they support, train, and equip us to grow in our career. With that being said I was undecided at first which career path I wanted to take. During the time I was a medical assistant, I was leaning toward Nurse Practitioner in Women’s Health. After I became a nurse I thought maybe leadership would be my clinical ladder pathway. After long thought and research, I finally decided that Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) was the way I wanted to go. I chose Family Nurse Practitioner because I want to help prevent patients from going to the hospital and them manage their health as much as possible. NURS – 6003N Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing

I am looking forward to becoming an FNP and I chose Walden University because I felt like I would have the support and push I needed to complete this program, pass the boards, and be confident and equipped enough to go out and serve my patients as a Nurse Practitioner. Walden’s mission to produce scholarly graduates that will be agents of social change and providing a diverse and innovative learning environment relates to my academic and professional goals. (2019-2020 Walden University, 2020b). Walden’s MSN program outcomes relates to my academic and professional goals by exemplifying integrity, diversity, professionalism and encouraging me to be creative and enforcing what I learn into my career field. (2019- 2020 Walden University, 2020a). NURS – 6003N Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing

I understand having a good support system helps you be more successful, not only in life but also in your career. Having a mentor or a team that supports you, keeps you focused and accountable of reaching your goals. A study also shows that having that extra support and accountability, boosts a student’s competency and confidence (Rush et al., 2019). My academic  team will consist of my student advisor and my instructors for each class. I plan on utilizing my student advisor as a resource here at Walden. I plan on utilizing my instructor to help challenge me in each course so that I can reach my full potential as a student. My professional team will consist of my current Director and a Physician Assistant from my previous job. I have built a rapport with them and I feel that they will also push and challenge me to reach my goals. The Physician Assistant can help me based on her clinical experience and may be my preceptor. NURS – 6003N Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing

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Studies, 94, 139–158.



Discussion – Week 1

My Nursing Career began two years ago as a Psychiatric nurse. I currently work in a bariatric surgical care unit. It’s always been my passion to care and serve others since I was younger, however, it was not until my sophomore year of high school that I made the decision that I’d like to be in the healthcare field after I joined HOSA. HOSA’s mission is to empower future health professionals (HOSA 2020). They started me on my professional health care journey and it is an honor to continue this journey with Walden University.


NURS – 6003N Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing. Walden’s mission to create diversity in the professional healthcare community correlates with my goal to learn, implement and develop skills as a Psychiatric practitioner. Walden’s focus on leadership and clinical skills development, data management, and the overall empowerment of its students with tools to provide quality social changes drew me to the institution.


My passion for serving others is among the best qualities a healthcare professional can have. I enjoy volunteering at a local shelter in my area, especially during health fairs. It provides me with the opportunity to give back to my community and educate the vulnerable population on how to care for themselves and seek needed medical attention. This aligns with one of Walden’s social change initiatives (Walden 2020). I believe, with the help of Walden’s institution that I will be able to create a better healthcare environment. Not only for myself but for patients and generations to come.


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