NRS-440VN Topic 1 DQ 2

Explain how health care reform has helped shift the focus from a disease-oriented health care system to one of wellness and prevention. Discuss ways in which health care will continue this trend and explain the role of nursing in supporting and facilitating this shift. In replies to peers, provide an example of wellness and prevention initiatives your organization or specialty area has in place.

Lippincott Nursing center, (2010) indicated that the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report The Future of Nursing fundamentally symbolized a change in the delivery of the care system. There has been a shift in the method of health care delivery from sick or disease-oriented to wellness and prevention. The vision of IOM is to see the practice of nursing making changes in their mode of care to one that intentionally focus on wellness and disease prevention.

According to Global Health, (2020) describes wellness as some key features that are both preventative also holistic, wellness is achieved when patients actively choices to make changes to their lifestyles. Nurses play a critical role in making this process a success, through educational initiatives patients will be empowered to take an active role in achieving wellness, this will improve the patient physical, mental spiritual, emotional, and social wellbeing. For example, the patient will be educated about the importance of improving physical health and things they can do to prevent aliment such as exercise, sleep and having a balanced diet. Another focus of the nurse is to engage in assisting patient in proactively getting involved in having preventative measure taken to identify any illness for example screening for breast cancer that will facilitate early treatment if same exist; or avoid smoking or stop if you have not already started, the use of condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Adopting these changes and more will see the improvement in the health of the population also enhance the quality of life and a sense of wellbeing.



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Topic 1 DQ 2

The health care reform is changing and focusing its attention more on prevention than disease-oriented management.   The reason for that being is previously the focus was on disease-oriented health care system but due to the vast number of individuals living with a chronic disease. The chronic disease not only affects health and quality of life, but it is also the major driver of health care and therefore resulting in increased health insurance costs (Shiu, 2012).The health care reform shifting towards wellness and prevention is to keep health insurance more affordable.Since chronic diseases have been found to raise the cost of healthcare, the prevention of chronic disease will help lower health care.It minimizes frequent hospitalizations. Providing proper and adequate education to the public will help spread awareness.

Primary care should be the foundation of healthcare. Before, there has been a transition in healthcare from focusing on disease-oriented etiologies to examining the interacting influences of factors rooted in culture, race/ethnicity, policy, and environment. Such a transition called for person/family-focused and community-oriented primary care services to be provided in a continuous and coordinated manner in order to meet the health needs of the population. Tha advancement in technology also helps in the primary care where in there has been more diagnostic tests whch helps in identifying diseases before it happens. (Shiu,2012). IOM Future of Nursing Report and Nursing


Shiu, L. (2012). The impact of primary care:the focused review. Scientifica Cairo.doi: 10.6064/2012/432892


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