NRS 428 VN Topic 1 DQ 1

NRS 428 VN Topic 1 DQ 1

Explain the role of the community health nurse in partnership with community stakeholders for population health promotion. Explain why it is important to appraise community resources (nonprofit, spiritual/religious, etc.) as part of a community assessment and why these resources are important in population health promotion. NRS 428 VN Topic 1 DQ 1


Both the community health nursing and public health nursing and pretty much the same. The PHN addresses health promotion incorporating community aspects and global or environment concerns. Public health nursing focuses on groups, populations, or the health of an entire geographical sector (Canales & Drevdahl, 2014; Kulbok, Thatcher, Park, & Meszaros, 2012; Reifsnider & Garcia, 2015). Stakeholders are persons who are both involved and directly affected by the plans, actions, and outcomes of population health care. For example, stakeholders may be local government officials, community groups, faith-based organizations, or local business owners.

So in obviously the PHN and stakeholders focus on the same issues and values. Health promotion and education is often supported through partnerships with employers, faith-based organizations, schools, and health care providers for implementation of initiatives and reinforcement of health information (CDC, 2014). NRS 428 VN Topic 1 DQ 1 Public service announcements are one mechanism in which media and marketing campaigns work to disseminate health information (see Table 1.1).

So the PHN using these resources to inform the public of medical information. Just like right now in our nation. The CDC, CNN, Apple News, Local news, clinics, community health seminars, all these resources are used to inform our citizens about the health crisis we are experiencing today. Right now the top news is the Corona Virus that has spread world wide. We never in a million years would of thought we be in a pandemic. However, right now people are relying on the news to inform us of the vaccination drives etc. NRS 428 VN Topic 1 DQ 1

These organizations are very significant to the people.

American Public Health Association. (2013). The definition and practice of public health nursing. Retrieved from NRS 428 VN Topic 1 DQ 1

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