How to Use Health Data and a Population Group Health Problem

Begin collecting health data about a health problem or issue that affects your population group. Examples of health data include epidemiological information related to health conditions, reproductive outcomes, causes of death, and quality of life. Important information to include is socioeconomic data (poverty levels) and the presence or lack of health insurance in your population. Read more about epidemiology in your textbook. There are a variety of sources to collect health data – at the local, state, and national level. Access and review the professional literature to support your case. If data is not available to support your heath issue for a local group, use state or national data. Read more about health data collection in your textbook. Some website links are provided in the Course Webliography to help get your started. It takes time to gather data, so don’t worry about finalizing your data collection this week. In weeks 3 and 4, you will continue to collect Health Data by means of contacting your local health department and performing a community assessment. Please address the following: What are some health problems within your population group? Is there a priority health problem that stands out to you? What population-related health problem do you want to focus on for this project? Identify one or more websites that you found to be useful.

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