Healthcare Career Areas Reflection Paper

Healthcare Career Areas Reflection Paper
This reflection paper will be written about two healthcare career areas or positions or subsets that you have chosen or will select or have an interest in. These should be career areas that you have considered, but not reviewed or written about. They can also be anything that you have an interest.
This is a comparison and contrast reflection in that you will look at both careers areas and compare and contrast the two careers with each other.
Reflection Requirement/Objectives(Healthcare Career Areas Reflection Paper)
1) Introductory paragraph Introduce the reader to the healthcare related career you will be job discussing, and the types of research you have completed (the internet, and a book other sources). You will also clearly establish what your reflection is about and provide a preview to the paper. Here you will explain the two careers that you are comparing and contrasting.
2) Career Description(Healthcare Career Areas Reflection Paper) – Describe each healthcare career you selected. Include the following information:
• Overview and title of career/position and setting/environment.
o Administration
o Managerial
o What field in healthcare: Hospital, clinic, supply chain, policy, specific department etc.—describe where this career is in healthcare.
• Common and specific work activities (what does the position/career entail)
• Skills and abilities required
o Early skills or beginning skills
o Middle level skills
o Advanced skills
• Preparation (training, qualifications)
• Outlook for the job (career)
o Expected growth
o Number of opportunities
3) Aspects of the career that interest you:
Why are you interested in these careers?
• Describe the parts of the career that interest you the most
o Do not do all—select a couple
How do the interests align with your assessments?
How do the careers align with your goals about a career in healthcare?
5) Compare/Contrast: (Healthcare Career Areas Reflection Paper)
Review both careers and compare and contrast them against your goals and or interests. Answer the basic question: In looking at these two careers, which one appeals to me more?
Compare and Contrast Questions to Guide You:
List the most significant point concerning these job? What makes this significant about the job?
Are the careers in the same field/setting: Example: Hospital or clinic.
If they are in the same discuss that. If they are in different, discuss the differences.
What are some key positive attributes of the positions?
What education and/ or training are required?
What is the outlook for these particular careers?
Compare the salaries at entry, middle and end career.
Describe the career entry into these positions. Is one easier to enter? Compare them.
What is the career growth, compare if there is a significant difference in growth?
What mentorship is available for you to succeed? Compare.
What education and/ or training are required? Compare.
What is the outlook for these positions and compare and contrast that outlook?
Compare and contrast what the daily work life experience will be:
Do you interact with people?
Is it routine or diverse?
Do you make decisions and act on them or do you take direction from others?
How much autonomy do you have?
What type of impact do the careers have?
What is the satisfaction level?
Reflection: Write the reflection.
Summative Reflection (Healthcare Career Areas Reflection Paper)
•After comparing and contrasting—determine what careers you are leaning toward. Explain your selection.
•What did you learn that surprised you about these careers?
•What skills are going to have to be built on to succeed in this position or career?
Evaluative Reflection
•What are the strengths and weaknesses your current education that you need to be aware of for this position.
•Reflect on a path to get this position: What might you do to best get this position.
Do your personal assessments fit the career choices? Explain.
Paper format must include the following:
1. Title page/
2. Introduction with clear purpose, preview and direction for the paper.
2. The body of the paper needs to be 5-7 pages (no more than 7) double spaced, typed pages in length. Include all sections of the above that requires reflection and content.
* Size 11-12 Ariel or New Times Roman font is required.
* No bold fonts
* 1″ margins on sides, top, and bottom of paper required.
3. Cite Sources on the final page, after the body of the paper.
4. College level writing expected.
• Two sources are required.
o Must be sources that are established and reliable and validated sources.
o One source from any published hard-copy source.

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