USW1 NURS 6050 Global Health Comparison Grid Template

USW1 NURS 6050 Global Health Comparison Grid Template

Global Health Comparison Grid Template


Use this document to complete the Module 6 Assessment Global Healthcare Comparison Matrix and Narrative Statement.




Global Healthcare Issue  



HIV/AIDS is a global epidemic that has continued to ravage the lives of approximately a million people annually. Different countries apply different ways to cope with the disease. This comparison template seeks to analyze the approaches that the US and which will be


Country United States



USW1 NURS 6050 Global Health Comparison Grid Template

Describe the policy in each country related to the identified healthcare issue The Office of National AIDS policy works to reduce the number of HIV infections in the US through prevention, care and treatment methods in the country (Meier, Back, Berman, Block, Corrigan & Morrison, 2017)


The Pacific Sports Haiti SA policy that seeks to provide practices that can be undertaken for HIV prevention and anti-discriminatory ways to handle people living with the disease (Gupta, Small & Kershaw, 2016).
What are the strengths of this policy?  

It directs the national government in carrying out assessments on the progress in the programs that manage HIV/AIDS in the country.

The policy helps in the anti-stigmatization of HIV/AIDS infected individuals in the workplace.
What are the weaknesses of this policy? The policy does not provide a satisfactory estimation of the population in the country, which causes failure in the offering of services to some of the affected citizens.


It is only centered on the workplace influence of HIV/AIDS measures in the workplace.
Explain how the social determinants of health may impact the specified global health issue. (Be specific and provide examples)


The status in society, economic situation, employment status, and level of education play a huge part in the determinants of the spread of HIV/AIDS.


The societal level, employment status, the youth, sexual orientation are some determinants in the HIV/AIDS issue that is faced in Haiti.

Also, the norm in young women sexually associating with older men plays a large part in the spread of AIDS in the country.

How has each country’s government addressed cost, quality, and access to the selected global health issue?  

The United States government has created health care centers that exclusively deal with issues concerning HIV/AIDS.

Access to healthcare services has been made less complicated through a reduction in costs, and quality of treatment has been improved.


The cost of accessing HIV/AIDS care has been reduced significantly, with some of the public care being provided for free.

The quality and facilities have, however, been run down due to a lack of resources in the government.

How has the identified health policy impacted the health of the global population? (Be specific and provide examples) The plan has aided in the worldwide improvement of sensitizing the public on the issues that concern HIV/AIDS.

The policy has also helped the government engage in a stigma-free society health watch that has helped in the continuous monitoring of the disease. USW1 NURS 6050 Global Health Comparison Grid Template


The Pacific Sports S>A policy has helped reduce the stigma that was often associated with AIDS through public education incentives on the illness.

The policy also provides for the protection of workers infected with HIV/AIDS in the workplace.

Describe the potential impact of the identified health policy on the role of a nurse in each country. The policy has influenced the role of the nurse in the US as it provides for patients to receive personalized services. This dictates that nurses receive additional training to be in a better position to handle the patient.


The nurse in Haiti is overwhelmed with the increased workload due to the high number of infections that are experienced in the country.

Additional training should also be carried out to help nurses learn ways through which they should deal with HIV infected patients.

Explain how global health issues impact local healthcare organizations and policies in both countries. (Be specific and provide examples) The global health issues help ensure that all departments in the United States government are integrated to work together in the prevention, care, and treatment systems that concern the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

They ensure that the government is always actively working towards making the required changes in laws to meet the demands that arise in the pandemic efficiently.


The Pacific Sports SA policy has played a considerable part in ensuring that the rights of an HIV/AIDS infected individual in the workplace are not interfered with.

It also undertakes in society education on the ways through which the diseases can be fought.

General Notes/Comments  

The United States government has made conscious efforts in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

It is continually making advancements in handling AIDS, and with more investments being injected into the sector, a cure for the illness will likely be arrived at in the foreseeable future.


Just like in the United States, the fight against HIV/AIDS is ongoing in Haiti. More efforts should, however, be made by the government to inject more resources into the policy to achieve more positive results. USW1 NURS 6050 Global Health Comparison Grid Template






A Plan for Social Change

The many trends that are being experienced in the current world play a huge role in my nursing career. There are a couple of ways through which I can assimilate the global perspective into my position to ensure that all patients receive quality medical care. First, I would take the initiative to learn more about the different aspects and ways of life that exist in the lives of my patients. I would approach patients with empathy to understand their diversity. I would then do my best to explain the ways of the changing world and the benefits that can be gained from using advanced medical care in treatment. My nursing role should be unnoticeably and quickly assimilated into the use of the policy to ensure that all my patients receive the quality care that is stipulated.

A comprehensive aspect of the stated policies requires me to incorporate the international perspectives in my career. This is possible through advanced learning classes that I will purposely attend to gain more knowledge and skills that will be useful in the treatment and care of patients infected with HIV/AIDS. Through these classes, my leadership skills will improve in a way that will help me have a better ability to interact with the various people I will meet during my career as a nurse.  Additionally, I will acquire skills that will help me teach the public a better understanding of the issues involved with HIV/AIDS. Lastly, the incorporation of the global health angle will also enable me to merge advancements made in HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment in the United States with those in Haiti to ensure that the number of cases of infection reduces. This will help in the fight and eradication of the pandemic. USW1 NURS 6050 Global Health Comparison Grid Template.



Works Cited

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