Spirituality worldview essay

Spirituality worldview essay

discussion question for weekly assignment/ What would spirituality be according to your own worldview? How do you believe that your conception of spirituality would influence the way in which you care for patients?



Based on my worldview, I perceive spirituality as the broad concept of connections with a perspective that is physical realm. Spirituality gives purpose and meaning to human life. The concept of spirituality focuses on a higher power that transcends conscious and physical restraints, seeks resolution, and inspires hope. I believe that I am on this world to serve God who created me. We all live in a physical realm that follows the rules of science to include gravity, time and space. However, there are events that occur outside the realm of science and could be considered as miracles. Such events are best explained as divine interventions, thereby validating my views on spirituality (Huff, Kline & Peterson, 2015) Spirituality worldview essay. As a nurse, I understand that every person has a unique understanding of spirituality that gives them belief, love, peace, faith and hope in the midst of suffering. Through incorporating an awareness of spirituality into my nursing care, I am able to provide holistic care that places patients at the center of the healing experience. A key way of doing this in the professional environment is to be purposeful and offer my presence. Through emotional presence even when conducting technical nursing tasks, I expect to create an environment where patients feel comfortable and are able to express themselves thereby helping in influencing care approaches for the best outcomes v. For instance, I can offer to be there for my patients, hold their hands, listen to their concerns, and extend the opportunity are some of the best strategies for helping patients to cope through their illness (Puchalski, 2001). In this respect, I perceive spirituality as belief in a divine being, and view spirituality as an important tool for delivering holistic care.


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Puchalski, C. M. (2001). The role of spirituality in health care. BUMC Proceedings, 14, 352-357 Spirituality worldview essay.

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