Spirituality reflection paper – Liver essay

Spirituality reflection paper – Liver essay

Spirituality Reflection Paper

Spirituality forms a vital part in healthcare delivery since patients do not only have physical needs that should be addressed but also spiritual needs. Although nurses might feel that addressing a patient’s spiritual needs is beyond their scope of practice, it illustrates professionalism. However, most nurses usually recognize the value of spirituality to patients as a way of providing holistic care spirituality reflection paper – Liver essay. This paper discusses the normal anatomy of the hepatic system, the occurrence of liver cirrhosis and restoring the liver’s anatomy. It also explains the role of prayer, culture, and religion in liver cirrhosis


It is interesting to learn that the liver comprises approximately 13% of the entire body’s blood supply. It is only made up of two major lobes each with eight segments comprising of one thousand lobules (Ozougwu, 2017).  The lobules are interconnected into smaller ducts that join to form large ducts and then the hepatic duct. The latter carries bile from the liver to the duodenum and gallbladder to help in the breakdown of fats since it is an accessory organ of digestion. The liver has anatomical marks commonly known as the ligamentum venosum and round liver ligament (Ozougwu, 2017) spirituality reflection paper – Liver essay. However, the most significant anatomical mark is the porta hepatitis, which divides the left lobe into four liver segments that can be numbered

The normal anatomy and physiology of the liver are damaged by alcohol, which begins when the normal parenchyma is replaced with scar tissue. The tissue blocks blood flow through the organ’s portals, increasing blood pressure and disturbing normal physiological functioning(Ozougwu, 2017). Besides, when the hepatic parenchyma is damaged, the stellate cells are activated and this obstructs the hepatic flow of blood and increases fibrosis. As this process progresses, fibrous tissue separates nodules in the hepatocytes replacing the entire liver resulting in a decrease in the flow of blood. In more advanced cases, the spleen can be congested heading to hypersplenism. In most severe cases, there is portal hypertension which can lead to other complications spirituality reflection paper – Liver essay.

As the only regenerative organ, the liver can grow to its original size and shape. The liver functions as a primary organ for filtration. Therefore, it is exposed to a lot of chemicals and toxins, which can cause very severe liver damage when exposed. Therefore, the healing process can be restored if an individual stops taking alcohol in the early stages of the disease process (Ozougwu, 2017). Healing can start early within the initial days to weeks after quitting alcohol. However, in cases involving severe liver damage, healing may take several months.

Liver cirrhosis is a severe condition that is associated with significant mortality and morbidity in the USA. Those diagnosed with it strongly believe that God is in control and that by praying; God can heal or change it. This gives a person a great sense of internal control as compared to being dependent on external control agents (White, 2011). Religion generally provides an optimistic perspective that God is in control of events and can positively influence circumstances through prayer. In other instances, religion can influence the cognitive appraisal of negative events in life and make them less distressing.

Stress, directly and indirectly, contributes to cirrhosis of the liver, a major cause of disability and deaths across the globe and in the US. Stress also has a significant role as an aggravating factor of liver cirrhosis, a clear illustration that our lifestyles are a principal cause of several illnesses. A single incidence like a job loss can have ripple effects such as gradual psychological and domestic changes that can lead to alcoholism spirituality reflection paper – Liver essay. Therefore, healthcare providers must assess patient’s lifestyles to be able to diagnose liver cirrhosis in the earlier stages before the liver gets decompensated. Those affected should also receive spiritual counseling.



Mauk, K. L., & Schmidt, N. A. (Eds.). (2004). Spiritual care in nursing practice. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

Ozougwu, J. C. (2017). Physiology of the liver. International Journal of Research in Pharmacy and Biosciences4(8), 13-24.

White E.G. (2011). The ministry of healing. Guildford, UK: White Crow Books. spirituality reflection paper – Liver essay


Select a body system and identify one disease process that fascinates you most as a creation of God. Answer the following questions relating to the disease process.
1. What aspects of normal anatomy is interesting to you and why?
2. What factors have caused the damage to the normal anatomy and physiology?
3. How can we restore the healing process?
4. What is the role of prayer, influence of religion and culture relating to this disease process?
5. Conclusion with a call to action or something meaningful to remember spirituality reflection paper – Liver essay

You have been assigned required readings on spirituality in your course. You may choose one or more chapters from each assigned book to read. You will then write a reflection paper regarding your thoughts, meaningful ideas, feelings, and/or reactions, and the application of these to nursing practice or your own spiritual growth and self-care.


1. Paper is typed in at least 2-3 pages, double spaced and turned in on time via D2L or email to your professor, with coversheet title page in APA format; thoughtful, suitable title 10 Points
2. Introductory paragraph is attention-getting
10 Points
3. Spelling, grammar, mechanics, and usage are correct throughout paper 10 Points
4. Answers all questions and thoughts are expressed in a coherent and logical manner spirituality reflection paper – Liver essay. 20 Points
5. Viewpoints and interpretations are insightful, demonstrating an in-depth knowledge, and understanding of the disease process and reflecting the role of prayer, region and culture influence on healing on the disease process. . 20 Points
6. Concluding paragraph sums up information, reiterates ideas and opinions, and leaves reader with a call to action or something meaningful to remember 10 Points
7. Pertinent reference sources are skillfully woven throughout paper without over use of quotations but, rather, attempt to paraphrase 10 Points spirituality reflection paper – Liver essay
8. References are properly cited in APA format with no plagiarism. 5 Points
9. At least 3 references are cited in paper, including a reference from current class assigned chapter readings in Mauk, a reading in an assigned chapter in White, Anatomy & Physiology, and pathophysiology text and one journal article of your own choice. 5 Points
Total 100 Possible Points Actual Points =

Read the following chapters from E. G. White, The Ministry of Healing and integrate it in to the paper
Chapt 5 Healing of the Soul
Chapt 16 Prayer for the Sick spirituality reflection paper – Liver essay

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