SCOT approach application

SCOT approach application assignment is Due: Tuesday October 29 before 5pm

This assignment requires that you apply the SCOT approach to analyze the social construction and demise of the Electric Vehicle 1 as depicted in the documentary Who Killed the Electric Car?

Answer the following four questions:

  1. What is a relevant social group? What are the RSGs involved in the story told by the documentary? (10pts4pts for definition, 6pts for application)
  2. What is interpretive flexibility? How did each RSG interpret the EV1? (15pts4pts for definition, 11pts for application)
  3. What is a technological frame? Identify the main (identifiable) elements of each RSG’s TF. (20pts4pts for definition, 16pts for application)
  4. What is the documentary reminding us about the concept of closure? (5pts3pts for

definition, 2pts for application)


SCOT approach application

Note: define these concepts in your own words, supplemented by (brief and properly cited) quotes from the required readings (or from Bijker’s Of Bicycles, Bakelites, and Bulbs). You may refer to class notes and discussions as well.

  1. BONUS QUESTION! How many technological determinists does it take to change a light bulb? (1 pt)

Writing format requirements: Papers should be approximately 4-6 pages long, double-spaced and paginated (excluding the cover page), with 1-inch margins, using 12 pt font.

Guidelines and further instructions: (Note: marks will be taken off if basic writing and referencing requirements are not met)


# Answer directly and use simple, clear, precise language.


# No bibliography is needed: simply provide appropriate citations and consistent

referencing (use either footnotes, endnotes, or APA style referencing). SCOT approach application.


# No external source material is needed. However, you must give complete references for any outside source used.


Your paper should include a cover page stating your name, student number, course title and number, the name of the professor, and the submission date.


# Papers should be stapled (not in folders, duotangs, binders, etc.). Do not use plastic or any other kind of cover.


# Although you will not be graded on grammar, spelling and punctuation, do not forget to spell-check your paper.

Papers will be submitted directly on Brightspace. More information to come.

Late penalty: A late penalty of 2 marks per day (out of 50), including weekends, will be deducted for late papers. Papers submitted after 11:30 on Thursday November 8 will not be accepted.

In the event of a medical emergency or other serious problem, an extension to the assignment may be granted but only if I am contacted prior to the deadline.

Plagiarism: Since the purpose of the assignment is to assess your understanding and elicit a response in your own words, using somebody else’s words (from books, periodicals, newspapers, journal articles, internet sources, etc.)SCOT approach application without proper acknowledgment of the original source and presenting them as being one’s own original analysis, or having someone else write papers or buying papers from a professional writer or friend, will entail more serious consequences. Do not take any risk: if you use anyone else’s words, cite them properly in both the text and bibliography.

Voilà! Do not hesitate to drop into my office if you would like to discuss your SCOT approach application assignment.

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