Promoting Healthy Aging: The Role of the Nurse

Appendix A – Promoting Healthy Aging: The Role of the Nurse


 Research Question in PICO format:  


P (Population/Patient) = Older adults, I (Intervention) = Patient Education, C (Comparative) = Nursing Education, O (Outcome) = Prevention of abuse (or even reduction)

 Note: Education here may or may not necessarily means degree or schooling. It also involves, learning, awareness, enlightenment, knowledge, counselling, guidance, literacy etc. Promoting Healthy Aging: The Role of the Nurse.



This paper allows students to explore a contemporary issue that affects the healthy aging of older Canadian adults.  Students will analyze their chosen issue within the context of healthy aging.


                                              Marking and Paper Format Scheme                                Marks
Introduction, Purpose and Background

·         Clearly define and describe the issue. Explain why this issue is important to: (a) the health of Canadian older adults; and (b) nursing practice (10 marks).

·         Clearly state your purpose or researchable question (5 marks).





Strategies to Promote/Protect Health

·         Clearly and concisely describe your literature search strategy and the results of your search (5 marks). Promoting Healthy Aging: The Role of the Nurse.

·         Report three evidence-based interventions (2012 – 2017) from research articles that address your chosen issue. For each intervention (10 marks), report the following:

1.    Major findings: Describe the intervention in detail.

2.Relevance: How is the intervention relevant to your topic?

3.Usefulness: Are there any limitations (research or practical) to its usefulness for your selected topic?

4.    Reliability of data: Do the authors convince you that the evidence regarding this intervention is reliable? Why or why not? Promoting Healthy Aging: The Role of the Nurse.

5.    Credibility: Is the resource credible? Explain.








The Nurse’s Role in Health Promotion/ Protection

·         What is the role of the nurse when addressing this issue in healthy aging? Consider:

1.the CNA (2015) Framework for the Practice of Registered Nurses in Canada (5 marks)

2.the holistic needs of older adults (physical, psychological, social, cultural, spiritual) (5 marks).

·         What are potential barriers/challenges for the nurse to consider when he/she is implementing the interventions (5 marks), and how might they be overcome? (5 marks)






Summary and Conclusions

·         Briefly summarize the purpose and main findings, and offer conclusions.




Writing Process

·         APA format (6th edition APA, second printing)

·         Scholarly Writing (spelling, grammar, organization, flow, depth of discussion)

·         Peer feedback form completed and submitted (signed by author and reviewer). Written paragraph that clearly summarizes the areas upon which you focused to improve your paper (refer to marker feedback provided in 63-171) Promoting Healthy Aging: The Role of the Nurse








Total /100


Students must submit their own papers.

Important Information:

  • Page length is four double-spaced pages. Use APA 6th edition, second printing for format and writing style. Pages beyond four will not be marked nor read. The page limit does not include the title page, reference list, or appendix. Promoting Healthy Aging: The Role of the Nurse.


  • A minimum of three peer-reviewed articles, from scholarly sources will be used to support evidence based strategies and interventions. In addition, textbooks and other scholarly sources may be used to support your analyses. These articles must also be submitted with your paper, or your paper will be deemed late until they are submitted.


  • All papers must be submitted to a plagiarism detection software for assessment. The originality report, with written explanation of similarity, must be submitted. Refer to course outline for detailed policies.


  • The paper must be submitted in a plain envelope, with your student number marked on the outside, otherwise the paper will not be accepted by the instructor.


  • Electronic paper submission is not permitted.


  • See the marking scheme and rubric for further detailed grading criteria


  • Writing style deductions will apply to papers. Promoting Healthy Aging: The Role of the Nurse. One mark will be deducted for every new spelling, grammar and sentence structure error, up to a maximum of 10 marks.


Rubric for Grading Written Assignments


Category Superior Very Good Average Failing grade
Response to the Assignment Applicable, plausible

Sophisticated insight into the concept of health within current and future trends. Many new ideas expressed.

Promoting Healthy Aging: The Role of the Nurse

Describes new concepts accurately.

Some insight and originality demonstrated.


Uses familiar concepts, offers few new concepts. Response to the assignment is adequate. Lack of comprehensive thought or structure. Does not meet criteria for assignment.
Use of Evidence 


Logical reasoning and support for statements.


Examples of primary sources evident. Critiques, analyzes, generates unanswered questions. Excellent integration of cited material into paper.


Examples of primary sources present.

Citations well integrated.

Some examples from the literature used to support points.

Quotes not well integrated.


No evidence of support from the literature referred to.

Quotes “plopped into the paper” Not integrated into sentences in a meaningful way.

Degree of Analysis


Analysis is fresh and exciting, poses new ways to view material and concepts. Evidence related although points may not be clear. Analysis offers nothing new, quotes do not relate to analysis No attempt to link evidence to argument.
Application to Practice Clear and definitive implications to self development are evident. Promoting Healthy Aging: The Role of the Nurse Application to self described: fair degree of breadth / depth of argument. Surface level degree of application. No application to self demonstrated or inappropriate application.
Professional Writing Excellence throughout and is creative and original in thought. Excellent flow of logic and reason.

Free of grammatical errors and APA errors, presents ideas clearly and professionally.

Presents ideas clearly and professionally. Good flow of logic and reason.

Free of grammatical errors and APA errors.

Presents ideas adequately with some laps in logic and reason.

Some grammatical or APA errors.

Writing clarity and flow is poor. No logical follow through of ideas.

Many grammatical and APA errors.

Promoting Healthy Aging: The Role of the Nurse


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