Practice Experience: Stakeholder Analysis Nursing Essay

Practice Experience: Stakeholder Analysis Nursing Essay

The next step in the process is to begin identifying the challenges and impediments to implementing a quality improvement plan. In the analysis consider the individuals affected by the change as well as the cost of implementing the quality improvement plan.
Post a description of some of the proposed action steps for implementing improved practice, and explain where potential challenges might compromise your proposed improvement project. Describe what resources are needed for your solution, and explain whether or not those resources are cost-effective. Continue to collaborate with the selected individuals in your practice environment as needed in the development of the Practice Experience Project, and share this information with your group.


Stakeholder analysis

Stakeholder analysis involves identifying all the organizations and persons impacted by the quality improvement project, and documenting their influence, involvement, expectations and interests (Pandi-Perumal et al., 2015). A review of the present quality improvement project identified five groups of stakeholders. The first group are financial stakeholders who determine the amount of financial resources that can be allocated for the project. They include the chief financial officer, chief executive officer and board members who are involved in the planning stage and are focused on financial impact while looking at the project as an investment. The second group are medical leaders such as the department leaders, pharmacy director and chief medical officer who can evaluate the project impact upfront and offer valuable insight. They are consulted to offer the project credibility. The third group are end-users: medical personnel who include technicians, nurses and physicians. Practice Experience: Stakeholder Analysis Nursing Essay. They act as clinical champions and super users who advocate for the project, facilitate upstream and downstream communication, and help with building support among skeptics. The fourth group are patients who are the main targets of the project. They are the project’s final customers and their experiences determine how the project should be shaped. The project is likely to experience a backlash if the project alienates patients. The final group are vendors whose systems are part of the project even as they provide implementation support. The vendors should be made aware of the project to ensure smooth integration with the existing systems at the organization. This requires the project leader to identify the vendor support resources that can be leveraged, such as the presence of experienced consultants, direct support, and service teams (Kushan, 2017). Identifying the five stakeholder groups and getting their support is necessary for a successful quality improvement project. Practice Experience: Stakeholder Analysis Nursing Essay.


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