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Question 1 : The rising levels of congestion and air pollution found in most of the world cities is due to the rapidly increasing number of private cars in use. Do you think the use of public transport can encourage people to use their car less? Discuss possible ways to encourage public to use the public transport.                 2


Question 2 : Today our community is composed of people of diverse backgrounds.  Write an essay explaining how people of diverse backgrounds can get along better.                                                                           4


Question 3 : Recently in the media, the Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyidin Yassin talked about the use of textbooks in electronic form in schools in order to prepare Malaysian students for the 21st century. Do you think Malaysia is ready to change students’ textbooks to electronic medium? State your opinions.            6


Question 4 : Do you think technology is making communication easier in today’s world? Discuss.               8


Question 5 : Based on your life experiences, do share what is the most memorable moment you have ever faced? Write your story.                                                                                                                                                  10



Question 1 : The rising levels of congestion and air pollution found in most of the world cities is due to the rapidly increasing number of private cars in use. Do you think the use of public transport can encourage people to use their car less? Discuss possible ways to encourage public to use the public transport. OUMH1203 ENGLISH FOR WRITTEN COMMUNICATION SAMPLE ESSAY


It is a well known fact that air pollution and congestion is rising at an alarming level not only in Malaysia but in many countries due to globalization and not to forget the affordability of locally assembled cars at this point in time. It is now a norm for almost every working adult to own a car. It has become a necessity rather than a luxury.

One of the ways to encourage the use of public transports is to have a system that is cheap, on time, and reliable. For most working adults, the reliability of public transport is crucial in ensuring punctuality. Reliability here means that the bus, train, shuttles are regular and on time. If one breaks down, there is always a backup plan. Government should set dedicated bus route and increase the number of bus stops in the most of communities, business centre’s, office buildings, warehouses,  and shopping malls.

Besides bus stops and bus routes, the train system should also be efficient in timing and comfort. Having an overload in a train is definitely not wise when it comes to safety and also encourages theft. Frequent trains during peak hours will ease the congestion in a train. Security system in train stations and bus station will definitely help gain confidence of the public to use public transport more frequently.

Another way to encourage the use of public transport would be for the government to come up with attractive monthly packages for the use of busses and trains. The packages can vary based on locations or the type of transport one uses. The government can play a role in media advertising to help the people realize, how much they save in terms of parking, toll, petrol and vehicle maintenance. A simple calculation will show that they save up to hundreds in a month. Besides educating the public on cost saving methods, it would also go well to talk about environment and how they are helping by reducing carbon emissions.

One other crucial need in encouraging the use of public transport is definitely the need for parking space at bus stations or train stations. As much as we want people to use public transport, we have to acknowledge the fact that not every housing area has that made available to them. For people in this situation, they definitely need to be able to reach the nearest station, park and then hop on to a public transport. This could be one way to get more people to hop on to public transport mid way rather than drive all the way to work.

To conclude, only when there is more convenience in logistic, more responsiveness in delivering service and more punctuation in schedule, the people will give up their old habit of going by their own vehicle. Though it might be tough to get people to start taking public transport, there are many ways to convince them. Education and the availability of safe and reliable method is available, it certainly helps to get more and more people to take trains and busses.

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Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat


Question 2 : Today our community is composed of people of diverse backgrounds.  Write an essay explaining how people of diverse backgrounds can get along better.


Malaysia is a country where its population is made of people from diverse ethnic groups and religion. The people of Malaysia live in a unique situation where people every ethnicity have about their own culture, traditions, food, traditional costume and language. Most people are usually comfortable or have accepted the traditions or the language of the others. But to some who are new to certain parts of the country, this could be uncomfortable or even challenging to adapt. It is very important, to get everyone get along well with one another, whether it is at home or at work.


One of the simplest way to get along well with people of different race, culture, ethnic, and religious beliefs is to treat one another without any bias, being colorblind and most importantly, equality. One can always start a relationship/friendship by talking about common ground like hobbies, movies, music, traveling, and other interests. All these topics are door openers to bigger conversations and forging relationships. This is a great way to becoming close to a person without being afraid to have insulted them. Common topics are great ways to learn about how another person thinks and their likes and dislikes. From there, it will be much easier to get into conversations that are a little bit more personal like traditions, language and customs. OUMH1203 ENGLISH FOR WRITTEN COMMUNICATION SAMPLE ESSAY


One should not be too afraid of the other person from a different background. Once a friendship is formed, one should not be afraid to ask questions. A lot can be learned by asking questions, though one should thread lightly on this. There are also other ways to gain information, like asking others in the community to understand better or even the internet. In some places, there are tourist centres/information centres that provides information on the locals from the food to eat, belief system and traditions. However, one should know exactly what they are looking for before embarking on a fact finding journey. Example, in Melaka, there are folks from the Baba Nyonya and also Peranakan clan. You do not just go and search information on Chinese folks in Melaka.


In learning about one’s culture, you may come across many surprises or things that cant fathom to be true. There will be a lot of things that you find hard to belief or understand as they are way different from what you are exposed to or what you are brought up to belief in. What you just learned or understood is not something that can be easily erased, or to be denied. So its important that we come to respect what others belief in for the very purpose of forging a friendship. Its crucial to remember that as much as we find certain customs and belief of others to be surprising or unbelievable, people from other culture might feel the same of us. And they too, for the sake of friendship will refrain to argue with us about our culture. Sometimes, it is helpful to just ask them, how certain beliefs come about. Perhaps with their explanation, then it will help us understand.


Malaysia, the land of many beautiful customs, religions and beliefs, has so much of diversity among its citizens. It is very important that everyone starts with the basics, which is forging a friendship among its people and to learn and understand their beliefs and customs. With respect for each other in terms of culture and customs, people will get along well and live in harmony. Much can be achieved with something as simple as respect and understanding. We might differ as person with different skin color and race, but in the end, we are all of human race.


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Countries and their cultures




Question 3 : Recently in the media, the Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyidin Yassin talked about the use of textbooks in electronic form in schools in order to prepare Malaysian students for the 21st century. Do you think Malaysia is ready to change students’ textbooks to electronic medium? State your opinions.


An electronic textbook (e-Textbook) is a digitized or also known as electronic form of textbook, which normally needs an endorsement by the national or state government when it is used in the K-12 education system. This system has been envisioned to take the place of the current paper-based textbooks in school curriculum. It is currently the preferred way and common choice of teaching and learning tool for the future. In UK, USA and Australia, schools have started pilot testing using technological devices like Apple®’s iPad and Amazon®’s Kindle® to convert the content of paper-based textbooks to e-Textbooks. As much as this seems like the way to the future learning, its introduction in Malaysian system will still be a challenge.

The shift from paper-based textbooks to e-textbooks is something that will incur a large amount of investment and this itself is a major concern. For example, the ability to have software’s and hardwares installed to be able to work on the existing computer platforms in the respective schools. Besides that, there is also the concern of network infrastructure, and supporting equipments and the investment of installation and testing all this thing to ensure the final product is in good working condition. We need to bear in mind, the cost that would incur for maintenance, updates and the most important, the access to internet. OUMH1203 ENGLISH FOR WRITTEN COMMUNICATION SAMPLE ESSAY

When we talk about upgrade, its not just limited to the software, the hardware too will need upgrading as the software depends on the hardware to work. Both hardware and software have to be able to work seamlessly for students to be able to have access to their materials. This is called reliability and when there is lack of reliability, it often results in inconvenience and that means students are not being able to learn as they no longer have access to learning materials/tools. This does not just happen when there is incompatibility. It also happens when there is device failure, operating system glitch, no strong internet connection as well as power interruption. Both the teacher and student will not be able to function without access to their materials. Depending on internet services in rural areas would also be challenge due to slow internet upload/download speed because of the bandwidth consumption.

Another important element that may cause worry among parents will the prolonged exposure to radiation and its long term effects to health. Another concern among parents would be the devices having a small screen size. There are some research that is being conducted on the effect of using ipads/kindle that causes eye fatigue. Studies also show that paper-based textbooks are easier to browse and read. A research by Nielsen and Krug shows that the reading process can be 25% – 40% slower from a screen compared to on printed page  (Robinson, 2011). Another study (Mercieca, 2004)  shows that students have reluctance to use e-textbooks as they perceive it to be difficult in reading electronic text.

As much as e-textbooks is the future of learning both in Malaysia and other countries, there has to be more studies done and proper project planning to ensure this transition takes place smoothly and is seamless upon execution. Bear in mind, its not only the students who need to embrace the change, we need to remember that the teachers too play a big role in this and they too need to be ready and be able to handle the technology when the time comes.

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Question 4 : Do you think technology is making communication easier in today’s world? Discuss.



In today’s world, technology has advanced a lot, that everywhere you go, you will not fail to see tablets and smart phones in use. With communication technology, people are connected around the world through computer, smart phones and tablets. It has made communications to be simple, easy and fast with someone on the other side of the world. The communication methods that is available right now varies from emails, instant messengers, video conferencing, group messaging and voice chats. OUMH1203 ENGLISH FOR WRITTEN COMMUNICATION SAMPLE ESSAY



One may ask, how has technology made communication easier? The most obvious one would be the speed and cost. The existence of Internet has brought about all possibilities as mentioned earlier. Previously, a document has to be typed on a type writer before the final version is approved (in terms of official documents). Sending the letter across required a fax service or a visit to the post office which would need us to get an envelope and buy stamps. This are all cost and delivery takes perhaps a day or two depending on the distance. With emails, it just takes a matter or seconds to have a letter emailed across.


Technology has also help improve the quality of communication. Translation of a text of a foreign language, looking up meaning of words, checking appointments on calendars, converting currencies and research for information can be done with a click of a mouse. Access to information is so easy, simple and fast. Also, technology allows easy storage and retrieval of communication when needed as compared to looking up for data in a huge metal cabinet filled with folders.


Advancement in technology has also made communication easier by allowing people to communicate from anywhere as long as they have connection with a network. Existence of high quality communication over phones, video conferencing has eliminated the need of face-to-face communications and this leads to a huge amount of savings in terns of traveling and most importantly it saves time. Accessibility to information is also fast now. Memo’s, updates and privileged information gets to be accessed faster now as compared to before.


Another significant area where technology has made communication easier and has helped organizations a lot is in the area of customer service. Clients no longer have to que long hours or wait very long for getting questions answered or to even lodge a complaint. Most organizations has made it easy by offering online feedback forums, emails for after service/after sales or some even have live chats. Most organizations even have software’s to keep track of customer information and being able to communicate with clients fast and efficiently.



Technology has brought much changes to the way we communicate. It has made communication much easier, faster, cheaper when one can cut down the cost of traveling for meetings, increased resource and good quality which allows quick correction if mistakes are made. To certain extent, technology has also allowed humans to be able to maintain working/personal relationships with the existence of social media, group messaging systems and video conferencing.


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http://science.opposingviews.com/technology-made-communication-better-1926.html OUMH1203 ENGLISH FOR WRITTEN COMMUNICATION SAMPLE ESSAY






Question 5 : Based on your life experiences, do share what is the most memorable moment you have ever faced? Write your story.



In 2009, I had the opportunity to attend a program called MAPS National Convention organized by an NGO called Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers. It was at this event that I had the chance to see AirAsia CEO, Tony Fernandez up-close and hear him speak of his life experiences. It was this event that I had an eye opener and my life changed for the better. To date, that is my most memorable moment as it helped me become a positive person.


In the talk, Tony Fernandes spoke about his life experiences. He described his life journey with his education and then his work experience. One of the job that he did that gave him the confidence later on was the fact that he did work with Virgin Records in London that is owned by Richard Branson. He came from a finance/accounting background. Back in Malaysia, he was with Warner Music for a little way before embarking the journey with AirAsia towards the end of 2001. OUMH1203 ENGLISH FOR WRITTEN COMMUNICATION SAMPLE ESSAY


When he bought over AirAsia, this airline was struggling and heavily indebted subsidiary of the Malaysian Government owned DRB-Hicom. He had to start out by mortgaging his own and used up his own personal savings in the buy over. About a year after taking over he managed to settle the debts and AirAsia started to grow and expand. About 5 years after kick starting AirAsia to new heights, he then started off the hotel chain Tune Hotels based on the no frills concept.


Tony emphasizes, that what got him going was his dream. He knew that this was something that he could do though it sounded extremely crazy and impossible before he started off AirAsia. He said being able to achieve his dreams was because he had the courage to start and see it through. Determination and hard work kept it going. It was then that it struck me, that with limited resources and bleak future, one can still turn things around and make a success out of it. It’s all about whether looking at it positively or giving up because thinking its impossible.


I remember, in his speech, Tony said, everyone should pursue their passion. Because when you are passionate about what you do, chances are that you will do it extremely well and achieve great success out of it. Even if you are at a spot where you are not able to pursue your dreams and passion yet, one should not give up on it. Opportunity comes out of a sudden without warning. Tony insists that one should always find ways to look at things positively no matter how tough the situation is. He lived with this belief ‘You have only one life; live out your dream!’. He was asked by someone in the audience, what happens when something goes wrong? And he answered, ‘just change what is wrong – focus on survival and keep growing’.

Lastly, he left the audience with his powerful quote that I remind myself everyday that nothing is impossible ‘Dream the Impossible, Believe the Unbelievable, and Never take No for an Answer’. To date, its his words that has changed me to have a positive outlook in life and to dream big and to never give up.


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