NUR3805 Dimensions of Professional Practice Essay

NUR3805 Dimensions of Professional Practice Essay

Chapter 9 Discussion

Follow the instructions under Discussion Board Rubric and Discussion Guidelines and APA Tips to create your post and respond to at least one other student. Internal citations and references are required.

Ladies and gentlemen ~

I believe that the grand theorists were important to getting nursing where it is today ~ I believe that as nurses, we need to understand their contribution and give them a nod of thanks.This module is focused on the utilization and application of nursing theory as a guide for excellence in nursing practice. As a BSN student, it is important that you learn to critique nursing research and become an informed consumer of research relevant to evidence based practice. That’s where the middle range theories come in. NUR3805 Dimensions of Professional Practice Essay. Middle range theories provide the theoretical framework that link grand nursing theories with nursing practice.


Discussion topic: Middle Range Theories

1. Identify ONE middle-range nursing theory from your text, from the list in the Learning Plan, or one you identify on your own that applies to your area of practice or simply peaks your interest. (I am hopeful that you will all have different ones)

2. Summarize your chosen middle-range theory, including the development of it as a middle-range theory, how to utilize it and the theoretical framework for it. Most middle-range theories have a theoretical framework. For example, the framework for the middle range theory of Unpleasant Symptoms:

Framework for Unpleasant Symptoms MRT

Of course, many have their own designed model for how they perceive the framework should be ~ that’s okay. Which one makes the most sense to YOU? And if you don’t like theirs, design your own framework for the theory!

3. Identify how this middle range theory can help you organize your thoughts for critical thinking and decision making in nursing practice. NUR3805 Dimensions of Professional Practice Essay.

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