NUR 702 Evidence Table-Matrix

NUR 702 Evidence Table-Matrix for Appendix in Review of the Literature Paper

NUR 702 Evidence as the Basis for Practice Change

This evidence table-matrix is provided as a tool to assist students in tracking relevant articles that contain key studies found when conducting their literature review. The tool will assist students in recording key articles that are relevant to their evidence-based practice (EBP) change project, more importantly, reflecting evidence to support the “intervention” they identified. The tool should be used continuously as students search the literature NUR 702 Evidence Table-Matrix. Once an article has been selected that clearly contains evidence to support the intervention and is being considered for inclusion in the final literature review, complete the following exercise:

  • List each article that contains relevant evidence in the table below.
  • Across from each article, identify the level of evidence and the “key data/evidence/outcomes/findings” associated with that article. Actual statistical data should be listed as shown in example below.
  • Identify what you have concluded from the data/evidence and the article’s overall findings. NUR 702 Evidence Table-Matrix.
  • Indicate how you will use the article and evidence when planning the practice change project in NUR 704.

Important note: The evidence table-matrix should only include articles and data/evidence that support the intervention. Remember, if there is little or no evidence published on how to improve practice specific to the problem, then another problem must be identified.  It is not possible to plan an EBP change project if little or no evidence exists.  Also, when planning the project in NUR 704, each part of the plan must be based on quality evidence.


  • If you have found a Systematic Review that has shared a lot of studies to support your intervention, please pull out 3-6 studies and describe those individual studies rather than the entire Systematic Review.  If you go to the Reference list in the Systematic Review journal article, you can find the references for the individual studies and then retrieve those individual studies. NUR 702 Evidence Table-Matrix.

Please note, your review of the literature will be an ongoing process, therefore we do not expect this to be an all-inclusive table, but a representation of the evidence you have found to date.   In addition, this evidence table-matrix will assist you in writing the findings section of the literature review (see guidelines for the Integrative Review of the Literature Assignment–section III) NUR 702 Evidence Table-Matrix.  This evidence table-matrix also needs to be submitted as an appendix with the final submission of the integrative review of the literature assignment. Students can add rows to the table as needed.


Article Level of Evidence

 (I to VII)



Conclusion Use of Evidence in EBP Project Plan
Author (XXXX) study on the topic of fall reduction in dementia patients in a long-term care facility  

Level VI

Initiating hourly rounds during the hours of 4P-6A was shown to decrease resident falls by 50%, decrease LOS by 20% and increase patient satisfaction by 25%. Hourly rounding between the hours of 4P and 6A was effective in decreasing falls, LOS and increasing satisfaction Include hourly rounding between the hours of 4P and 6A in the fall prevention practice change. NUR 702 Evidence Table-Matrix


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