NRS 428 Topic 1 DQ 2

Topic 1 DQ 2

 NRS 428 Topic 1 DQ 2

Discuss how geopolitical and phenomenological place influence the context of a population or community assessment and intervention. Describe how the nursing process is utilized to assist in identifying health issues (local or global in nature) and in creating an appropriate intervention, including screenings and referrals, for the community or population.

Re: Topic 1 DQ 2

When performing a community assessment, the nurse must consider the population, the physical boundaries of a location, and the environment (Green, 2018). A geopolitical place is made up of community boundaries, transportation infrastructure such as the roads and railways, geographic features such as rivers and mountains, vegetation, animals, and climate (Green, 2018) NRS 428 Topic 1 DQ 2. The geographic location can directly affect the health of the community and the environmental conditions can influence the quality of life for a population (Green, 2018).


According to Green, phenomenological place is a psychological location and centers on the culture, education, spiritual beliefs, history, economics, and values (2018). An assessment of the geopolitical and phenomenological place can help determine barriers and health needs in the community and helps the nurse plan appropriate interventions NRS 428 Topic 1 DQ 2.

The nursing process is utilized by assessing the community, analyzing the findings, identifying needs, planning interventions, and evaluating intervention outcomes (Green, 2018). By observing the population and location and gathering data, the nurse can determine the current health status and problems and prioritize needs (Green, 2018). This process can sometimes take weeks or even months due to funding or resources (Green, 2018). What are your thoughts on using this process to help identify specific needs of a community?


Green, S. (2018) Populations as clients. In Grand Canyon University (Ed.). Community & public health: The future of health care. Retrieved from NRS 428 Topic 1 DQ 2


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