NRNP – 6552 Final Exam

NRNP – 6552 Final Exam

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The HPV vaccine is contraindicated in:

A. Pregnancy
B. Breastfeeding
C. Males
D. A and B
E. A, B, and C NRNP – 6552 Final Exam


When a woman is pregnant and calculating the last menstrual period (LMP), it should be counted from:

A. The first day of the last period
B. The last day of the last period
C. The middle of the last period
D. None of the above


The greatest risk factor for ovarian cancer is:

A. Smoking
B. Family history of ovarian cancer in a first-degree relative
C. Taking birth control
D. None of the above


HPV can be spread through:

A. Skin-to-skin genital contact
B. Only through actual intercourse
C. The air as it is an airborne virus
D. Dirty needles NRNP – 6552 Final Exam



All women should be offered testing for cystic fibrosis carrier status during pregnancy. This test should be done:

A. Only once in a lifetime, as the status will not change
B. With every pregnancy that results in a live birth
C. With every pregnancy, including those that do not result in a live birth
D. Every five years


The current FDA approval limit for the copper IUD is:

A. 3 years
B. 5 years
C. 7 years
D. 10 years



Prior to giving semen for an analysis, a male should be abstinent for:

A. 24 hours prior to the test
B. 2-5 days prior to the test
C. 2 weeks prior to the test
D. None of the above


During the second trimester, a test that is offered is the alpha-fetoprotein test. This test indicates:

A. If the woman will go to full term
B. If the heart has any defects
C. Whether the fetal neural tube has properly fused
D. If the fetus is living


When performing a semen analysis, the following is/are measured:

A. Semen volume
B. Total motility
C. pH
D. A and B
E. A, B, and C


Emergency contraception

A. Can be used as an ongoing method of contraception
B. Provides STI protection
C. Is the only method that can be used after intercourse
D. Is available by prescription only



A blood test can help confirm if a woman is beginning menopause. The test measures the level of which of these?

A. Follicle-stimulating hormone
B. Estrogen
C. Progesterone
D. Cholesterol


Depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA) is widely known as:

A. Mirena
B. Depo-Provera
C. Mini-pill
D. Nexplanon



Laboratory testing that might be indicated to rule out vaginal discharge include:

A. STI testing
B. Wet Mount
C. Endocervical curettage
D. A and B
E. A, B, and C



The following vaccine(s) is/are contraindicated in pregnancy:

B. Varicella
C. Tdap
D. A and B
E. A, B, and C


It is believed that women acquire most of their bone mass

A. As infants
B. In early adolescence
C. In their 20’s
D. In their 50’s



Carcinoma of the vulva is most often seen in women who are:

A. Under the age of 30
B. Pre-menopausal
C. Post-menopausal
D. Actively going through menopause


When the cervix softens in pregnancy, this is called:

A. Goodell’s sign
B. Cervical lip sign
C. Mucus plug sign
D. Vulvar sign



Pelvic adhesions can be caused by:

A. Previous surgeries
B. Infection
C. Endometriosis
D. All of the above


Which type of intrauterine device (IUD) is available?

A. Copper
B. Titanium
C. Hormonal
D. A and C



All of the following are barrier methods of contraception except

A. Male condom
B. Female condom
C. Diaphragm NRNP – 6552 Final Exam
D. Coitus interruptus


The following routines can help with sleep patterns:

A. Taking a warm bath
B. Exercising
C. Changing into sleepwear
D. A and C only
E. All of the above



The following are preventive factors for the development of ovarian cancer:

A. Pregnancy resulting in at least one full-term birth
B. Factors that inhibit ovulation
C. Breastfeeding
D. A and C
E. A, B, and C


Your patient is pregnant and has three cats. You educate her that she should have someone else clean the litter box as there is an infection that can spread through cat feces that can be harmful to the unborn baby. The infection is called:

A. E. Coli
B. Toxoplasmosis
C. Cat-scratch fever
D. Tetanus


Progestin-only methods are:

A. Likely to improve menstrual symptoms
B. Unlikely to ever cause breakthrough bleeding
C. A and B
D. None of the above


The standard treatment for patients with vulvar cancer regardless of the stage of the disease is:

A. Laser treatment
B. Cryosurgery
C. Surgical resection
D. Topical medication



The most frequent causal finding(s) on laparoscopy for chronic pelvic pain is/are:

A. Endometriosis
B. Adhesions
C. Absence of pathologic condition
D. A and B
E. A, B, and C


The Tanner scale divides sexual physical maturity into ________ stages

A. Three
B. Five
C. Seven
D. Nine


Ectopic pregnancy involves a pregnancy that implants:

A. Outside of the uterus
B. In the uterus
C. Through in vitro fertilization
D. None of the above



When presenting the laboratory tests that should be performed during the pregnancy it is important to let the woman know:

A. She must have all the recommended tests done or it can be considered child abuse
B. She is required to have all tests done, except for the HIV test
C. She can “opt out” of any test
D. She should make sure that her partner signs the consent for all the tests done NRNP – 6552 Final Exam.


A woman who is pregnant should never lift more than ___________ during pregnancy.

A. 10 pounds
B. 22 pounds
C. 28 pounds
D. 36 pounds


The following is/are types of assisted reproductive technology:

D. A and B
E. A, B, and C


Contractions that may occur in early pregnancy are called:

A. Souffle contractions
B. Chadwick contractions
C. Uteroplacental contractions
D. Braxton-Hicks contraction


Physiologic methods of contraception include:

A. Abstinence
B. Coitus interruptus
C. Lactational amenorrhea method
D. B and C
E. A, B, and C


The number one cause of mortality for both women and men in the United States is:

A. Diabetes Mellitus
B. Cardiovascular disease
C. Bone cancer
D. Dementia



Women who have a history of immediate hypersensitivity to __________ should not receive the 4-valent or 9-valent HPV series NRNP – 6552 Final Exam.

A. Milk products
B. Eggs
C. Cats
D. Yeast



Taylor just found out she is pregnant. She has irregular periods so she is not exactly sure how far along she is, but she thinks it is pretty early. She asks you about an ultrasound to find out how many weeks she is. You tell her that:

A. Early in the pregnancy is ideal because the ultrasound dating is more accurate than later in the pregnancy
B. She should wait a couple of months as ultrasound dating is most accurate in the second trimester of pregnancy
C. An ultrasound really won’t be able to tell her that information
D. An ultrasound is contraindicated this early in the pregnancy


Blood serum pregnancy tests can detect the presence of HCG ________ days after fertilization.

A. 24 hours
B. 1-3 days
C. 3-5 days
D. 8-10 days


All of the following are disadvantages of Combined Oral Contraceptives except:

A. The need for daily pill taking
B. The ongoing cost of the method for some individuals
C. Side effects for some women
D. Reduction in the risk of some types of cancer


When assessing fetal heart tones with the doppler, the normal range is:

A. 60-80 BPM
B. 100-120 BPM
C. 120-160 BPM
D. 160-200 BPM


Nonlatex condoms:

A. Fit tighter on the penis than latex condoms
B. Come in a variety of colors
C. Have an increased risk of breakage or slippage during intercourse than latex condom
D. Lead to a greater incidence of allergies than latex condoms


A generic prenatal vitamin supplement should be prescribed and should include:

A. Iron, folic acid, and vitamins
B. Mercury, folic acid, and vitamins
C. Vitamins only with no other supplements
D. Iron and Vitamins with no other supplements NRNP – 6552 Final Exam


he bluish hue that the cervix takes on during pregnancy is called:

A. Goodell’s sign
B. Baby Blues sign
C. Cervical ripening sign
D. Chadwick’s sign


WIC is a federally operated assistance program that also offers dietary counseling and provides vouchers for healthy foods for women living at or below 185% of the poverty level. WIC stands for:

A. Women in Care
B. Why I Care
C. Women, Infants, and Children
D. Wonderful Infants and Children


To reduce risk of illness during pregnancy, fish and shellfish should be:

A. Served raw
B. Cooked thoroughly
C. Served at every meal
D. Encouraged as often as possible


As women age, adipose tissue is redistributed and begins to accumulate in the:

A. Hips and thighs
B. Breasts
C. Waist
D. Triceps area


When taking alendronate (Fosamax) for postmenopausal osteoporosis,

A. It should always be taken with food
B. It should be taken first think in the morning on an empty stomach
C. It should be taken with an 8 oz glass of water
D. B and C


The following gonadotropins are responsible for regulating gynecologic organ activities.

A. Testosterone and androgen
B. FSH and progesterone
C. FSH and LH
D. LH and prolactin


In a male, the urethra carries ___________through the penis.

A. Urine
B. Semen
C. Testosterone
D. A and B
E. A, B, and C


Urogenital changes that can occur with menopause include:

A. Vaginal dryness
B. Dyspareunia
C. Urinary incontinence
D. A and C
E. A, B, and C


A complete male evaluation usually includes:

A. Two semen analyses, approximately one hour apart
B. Two semen analyses, approximately one month apart
C. One complete semen analysis
D. A fractionated semen analysis


Urine pregnancy tests are considered to be:

A. Reliable
B. Unreliable
C. Expensive
D. Invasive



Ibandronate (Boniva, a medication for osteoporosis, can be administered:

A. Orally
B. Through an IM injection
C. Intravenously
D. A and C
E. A, B, and C


The gold standard for assessing uterine bleeding and diagnosing endometrial cancer is:

A. Endometrial biopsy
B. Transvaginal ultrasound
C. Dilation and curettage
D. CA-125 levels NRNP – 6552 Final Exam


Ovarian reserve testing assesses a woman’s reproductive potential by:

A. Measuring the quality of her remaining oocytes
B. Measuring the quantity of her remaining oocytes
C. Assessing the color and motility of her remaining oocytes
D. A and B
E. A, B, and C


The vaginal ring (Nuva ring) is:

A. Replaced on a weekly basis
B. Left in place for 21 days and then removed for a week
C. Replaced on a monthly basis
D. Placed in the vagina at least 2 hours prior to intercourse and removed at least 6 hours after intercourse


To reduce the discomfort of hot flashes with menopause, recommendation include:

A. Wearing breathable fabrics
B. Wearing silk and polyester
C. Avoiding a fan as it makes the hot flashes worse
D. None of the above



Progestin-only contraceptives are generally considered safer for women who:

A. Have a diagnosis of Diabetes
B. Experience Migraines with aura
C. Are 15 or younger
D. Overweight


The first-line medication for ovulation induction in women who do not have PCOS is:

A. Clomiphene citrate
B. Letrozole
C. Pergonal
D. Follistim


The three trisomies for which testing is offered during the second trimester are:

A. 13. 18, 21
B. 16, 19, 21
C. 3, 9, 19
D. 16, 21, 22


The following are risk factors for breast cancer except:

A. Menarche after the age of 12
B. Nulliparity
C. Menopause at age 55 years or older
D. First full-term pregnancy after age 30


Men have little or no measurable decline in fertility before age:

A. 35 to 40
B. 45 to 50
C. 55 to 60
D. 65 to 70


In a woman who is 20 weeks pregnant, the fundus is typically the same height as:

A. The symphysis pubis
B. The umbilicus
C. The xiphoid process
D. None of the above


The majority of vulvar malignancies are:

A. Squamous cell carcinomas
B. Basal cell carcinomas
C. Adenocarcinomas
D. Malignant melanomas


During pregnancy, blood volume:

A. Remains the same as pre-pregnant amounts
B. Increases by 10%
C. Increases by 30-50%
D. Decreases by 20%


The following are risk factors associated with acquiring HPV except:

A. Nulliparity
B. Early age at first intercourse
C. Having multiple sexual partners
D. Smoking NRNP – 6552 Final Exam


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