Middle Range or Situation-Specific Nursing Theories Essay

Middle Range or Situation-Specific Nursing Theories Essay


  • Select one middle range or situation-specific theory that is congruent with your clinical nursing practice.
  • Explain how it is congruent to your clinical nursing practice.
  • Give an example, including rationale, of how your example is congruent to your own clinical nursing practice.

** My clinical nursing practice is Maternal Health Nursing


Middle range theories are narrow and concrete since they are generally made up of limited propositions and concepts that focus more on different reality aspects.  Therefore, they can easily be tested and used as frameworks for clinical practice or even research by nurses. Perfect examples of middle-range theories are such as :the interpersonal relations theory by Peplau, the deliberate nursing process theory by Orlando and the human caring theory by Watson. However, there are many other middle-range nursing theories. Middle Range or Situation-Specific Nursing Theories Essay In this paper, Watson’s human caring theory and its congruency to clinical nursing practice as a maternal health nurse will be discussed.

The major concepts of Watson’s human caring theory as they can be applied to clinical nursing practice include a caring relationship that is transpersonal and goes beyond higher spiritual caring and a relational caring for others and oneself (Norman, Rossillo & Skelton, 2016).  Therefore, in applying this theory to clinical practice, nurses are required to be morally committed to enhance and protect human dignity, have love and respect for the patients that they care for and have an authentic presence that connects them to the patients they serve(Norman, Rossillo & Skelton, 2016).

As a maternal health nurse, I can show love and respect to pregnant mothers and those who have just delivered by honoring their wishes, needs, rituals, and routines as long as they benefit the patient (Yeter, 2015).  Nurses can also give mothers assistance and help them to gain positive energy that flows integratively from the body, mind and spirit for the benefit of the patient as well as the nurse. With Watson’s theory of human caring, nurses can also help mothers to maintain emotional sensitivity and an attitude of caring for clients who may be over-stressed or depressed. The benefits of emotional sensitivity not only promote self-actualization at a professional and patient level but are also immeasurable (Norman, Rossillo & Skelton, 2016). Therefore, the caring process turns out to be an experience that is mutually beneficial for the nurse as well as the patient. Middle Range or Situation-Specific Nursing Theories Essay. 


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