Mental Health Case Study – gender identity disorder sample essay

Mental Health Case Study – gender identity disorder sample essay

Mental Health Case Study

This paper is an essay that evaluates a fictional clinical case and provides solutions based on a sampled medical and mental condition.

Case Study-Paulee.

  1. Response

How would you respond to Semara in trying to help her be assessed by a professional given   what sounds like an emergency situation? (3 marks)


Paulee is a patient who is suffering from gender identity disorder and this condition has affected her emotional and mental well-being. This lady believes that she is supposed to be a man and her thoughts have clogged her mind such that she has developed suicidal tendencies. The best approach of responding to such a situation is to try and reach out to her through other people who are either transgender or are activists of such issues (Carabez and Scott, 2016). Mental Health Case Study – gender identity disorder sample essay.

The process of relating to a person who is struggling with the same issue is known to be therapeutic and it can even help Paulee to heal from depression and even drop her suicidal thoughts.  This people can also convince her to accept to talk to a professional because her cutting stints are an indication that she is definitely in an emergency situation (Chapman et al, 2012). I believe that communicating with the transgender community and also seeking professional help can really save Paulee from taking her own life. Mental Health Case Study – gender identity disorder sample essay.

  1. Form(s)

What form(s) would she be admitted into the hospital under and why? (3 marks)

The above response is one of the approaches that can be used to persuade or even influence Paulee to seek help from a professional counselor or medic regarding her present medical condition. However, it is possible that she may not play along with the plan or even agree to visit the hospital. Hence, it would be critical if some other form of intervention is used since even her partner has been unable to check her into a medical facility. One of the ways to get Paulee into the hospital is by sedating her. Mental Health Case Study – gender identity disorder sample essay.

The latter is one option that can help in this scenario as the patient often gets violent and throws dangerous objects at people  (Faught, 2016). As such, the patient deserves to be in an incapacitated state where she is not in control and can be carried by others. Mental Health Case Study – gender identity disorder sample essay. Alternatively, Paula can also be anesthetized and then taken to the hospital (Levitt, 2015). This means that she would be unconscious for sometime and this would allow her partner as well as the physician to  transport her to a medical facility with ease.

  1. Conditions/Concerns

What type of condition(s) do you think that Paulee has and what are your concerns? (3 marks)

I believe that Paulee is possibly suffering from gender identity disorder, which is a condition where a person believes that their sex does not match with the gender they have. Further, this type of condition is known to manifest in people who believe that they were born as the wrong person and they require to transition to another form in order for them to accept themselves  (Lim and Bernstein, 2012). Mental Health Case Study – gender identity disorder sample essay. This is the same scenario that has affected Paulee because she keeps on cutting herself around her inner thighs and this reflects that she believes she was supposed to be a man.

Additionally, the depressive state that this patient often suffers from could be a symptom of dysphoria where the person feels as though they are in a distressful situation. Dysphoria is known to affect most people who are struggling with transgender issues because they feel that they are not satisfied with the identity of their gender (Roller et al, 2015). Consequently, they begin to develop serious thoughts that if not treated deteriorate to become suicidal and depressive in nature. Paulee is suffering from these two conditions that and she ought to seek medical attention in order to save her life.

  1. Nursing Care

What type of nursing care would you try to provide for Paulee if she was admitted to your unit? Think about the priorities of care as well as on-going care within the unit (6 marks)

The best form of nursing care that Paulee deserves to get is the personalized care where the patient gets to be assisted by a medical personnel in a different way from the conventional diagnose-treat approach. Personal care centers its efforts on making sure that the patient can be able to be attended to by the nurse at all times and in an all-rounded manner (Margolies, 2014).

The nurse in this case should be able to offer Paulee much more than the usual medicines. One way of going about it is trying to establish a connection with the patient so as to understand what troubles them deeply. From here, the nurse can be able to know how to help them deal with their depressive thoughts such as encouraging them to think positively and embrace themselves (Margolies, 2014). The nurse could even offer advice in case they have worked with transgender patients before so that Paulee can be able to relate.

It would also help to keep motivating the patient by helping them to focus on their good sides and achievements in life. In so doing, this person can be able to look above her gender identity disorder, her disability and even relationship troubles so that she can heal much faster. Personal care in nursing has been known to yield positive results as the patient often feels that her troubles, concerns and worries are taken up by another individual who is equally anxious and desires to see them get better by the day. Mental Health Case Study – gender identity disorder sample essay. 


Carabez, R., & Scott, M. (2016). ‘Nurses don’t deal with these issues’: nurses’ role in advance care planning for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender patients. Journal Of Clinical Nursing, 25(23/24), 3707-3715. doi:10.1111/jocn.13336

Chapman, R., Watkins, R., Zappia, T., Nicol, P., & Shields, L. (2012). Nursing and medical students’ attitude, knowledge and beliefs regarding lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender parents seeking health care for their children. Journal Of Clinical Nursing, 21(7/8), 938-945. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2702.2011.03892.x Mental Health Case Study – gender identity disorder sample essay

Faught, D. D. (2016). Professional Issues. Coming Full Circle: The Old Becomes New Again — Cultural Competence and the Transgender Client. MEDSURG Nursing, 25(4), 285-286.

Levitt, N. (2015). Clinical Nursing Care for Transgender Patients With Cancer. Clinical Journal Of Oncology Nursing, 19(3), 362-367. doi:10.1188/15.CJON.362-366

Lim, F. A., & Bernstein, I. (2012). Promoting Awareness Of LGBT Issues In Aging in a Baccalaureate Nursing Program. Nursing Education Perspectives (National League For Nursing), 33(3), 170-175. doi:10.5480/1536-5026-33.3.170

Margolies, L. (2014). The Psychosocial Needs of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender Patients With Cancer. Clinical Journal Of Oncology Nursing, 18(4), 462-464. doi:10.1188/14.CJON.462-464

Roller, C. G., Sedlak, C., & Draucker, C. B. (2015). Navigating the System: How Transgender Individuals Engage in Health Care Services. Journal Of Nursing Scholarship, 47(5), 417-424. doi:10.1111/jnu.12160


Case Study (15%)


The case study provides you with an opportunity to directly apply your knowledge learned this semester to case study. Please choose one of the two following case studies and analyze it directly according to the questions posted:

Feel free to use a first person perspective where you link ideas of yourself within your paper (i.e., the reason you chose your topic).

The paper should be no longer than 3 1/2 pages in length double spaced. Please note this means you must be succinct and thorough. Do not write in point form but use the usual paragraphs and sentences for this assignment.

Pages beyond the 3/12-page content limit will not be marked.

The page count will not include the cover page and reference list.

It is strongly recommended that you use headings as per the rubric and address the content required carefully.

3 current scholarly peer- reviewed articles should be incorporated in this paper. Government or professional organization resources will be considered “extra” references.

*Please note this essay must be written using strong APA format (i.e., title page, body of your paper and reference section). As mentioned, you can use a first person perspective when required in your writing for this course.

Enclosed you will find the headings expected for each case study. Remember that all you have to do is one case study. Ensure you follow the marking scheme beside the question in the syllabus. This will help you guage how many points you need per question.

Please ensure you review the syllabus carefully before addressing each question.

Case Study-Paulee

Please use these headings if addressing this case study:

  1. Response
  2. Form(s)
  3. Conditions/Concerns
  4. Nursing Care

Case study-Jorden

Please use the following headings if addressing this case study: 

  1. Questions
  2. Concerns
  3. Form(s)
  4. Worries
  5. Hallucination Interventions





  • Case Study One – Paulee  

You are a nurse who is employed in a large city assertive community health outreach team. You have been assigned a 25 year old woman named Paulee. She lives with her partner in an apartment she rents using her disability support.

You have been asked to see this woman as she has been admitted to the hospital 5 times in the past year. The reason for admission has been self-inflicted injuries to her wrist and inner thigh region.

Upon meeting her at her home she says “I just can’t work or get it together.” She admits to feeling depressed and is having significant problems with her partner. She says “we are always fighting and things keep changing in our relationship.”

On your second visit to see Paulee she admits to you that she believes she “has always been transgender and that she cuts to relieve the stress she feels from her ongoing suicidal thoughts.” She said to you one day “I don’t care if I die. Even this stupid cutting that I am doing is not helping me anymore. Nothing helps..not the pills they give me or the booze I drink even touches my pain.”

One day you are in your office and you get a call from her partner Semara who says to you “I know you have been coming to see her as her nurse. I can’t take it anymore. I come home and find blood all over the bathroom from her constant cutting. She has been throwing things at me and is again threatening suicide. She is not eating anymore and keeps saying she will never fit -in and that our relationship is doomed because she wants to be a man.”  Semara continues saying “Paulee refuses to go to the hospital and I am afraid to leave her alone. I think she needs another admission. I don’t know what to do? How can I get to her to the emergency department on my own?


  1. How would you respond to Semara in trying to help her be assessed by a professional given what sounds like an emergency situation? (3 marks)
  2. What form(s) would she be admitted into the hospital under and why? (3 marks)
  3. What type of condition(s) do you think that Paulee has and what are your concerns? (3 marks)
  4. What type of nursing care would you try to provide for Paulee if she was admitted to your unit? Think about the priorities of care as well as on-going care within the unit (6 marks)





Case Study Two – Jorden 

You are a nurse working evenings in the emergency department of an urban hospital. A 19 year of male patient named Jorden comes into your agency accompanied by his parents.

In relaying the reason for bringing Jorden into your setting his parent’s say “we don’t know what is wrong with him but we are starting to get worried. For a few weeks now we notice he is not speaking and is over eating. He used to be a very outgoing boy but we find that he is much more sullen and at times appears to be off in space day dreaming.”

They tell you that he was a star athlete on his hockey team up until he got into a fight during a game and hit his head a few months ago. They say he was admitted at your hospital with a fairly major concussion. Since then he has stopped playing hockey and just wants to watch T.V. holed up in his room and smoke pot. He has been eating more but refusing to go out with friends saying “they freak him out and that they are out to get him.” They say we have tried to reason with him but he is insistent he is being followed.

Since the incident he has not returned to school and interacts minimally with the family. They said the only time he goes out of the house is to get his marijuana and come home.

The parents say their family doctor has been worried about him and started him on a low dose of an antidepressant.  The parents say “enough is enough, he won’t shower and is eating us out of house and home and there is something wrong with how he is thinking—it is like he is paranoid about everything. He is just not the same kid we knew. He needs some help? Mental Health Case Study – gender identity disorder sample essay

When you meet Jorden you notice he is disheveled. He cannot maintain eye contact and does appear preoccupied in thought. He is mute and is refusing to speak. You sense that he is angry that his parents brought him to the hospital and that he has no insight into why he is here. In observing him you notice he turns his head to the side and whispers. In between times you are trying to engage him he returns to listening to his ear phones on full volume.


  1. Upon admission, what type of questions would you ask of Jorden?  How would you address his preoccupation? Try to think of ways you could approach him to elicit answers?  (3)
  2. What type of concerns would you have for this young man in terms of diagnosis (s) and why? (3)
  3. If admitted to the hospital what form(s) would he be admitted under and why? (3)
  4. What worries do you have in terms of his marijuana use and why? (3 marks)
  5. How would you plan to interact with someone who has paranoia and may be experiencing hallucinations? (3). Mental Health Case Study – gender identity disorder sample essay


Appendix A


 Promoting Healthy Aging: The Role of the Nurse




Research Question in PICO format:  


P (Population/Patient) = Older adults, I (Intervention) = Patient Education, C (Comparative) = Nursing Education, O (Outcome) = Prevention of abuse (or even reduction)


Note: Education here may or may not necessarily means degree or schooling. It also involves, learning, awareness, enlightenment, knowledge, counselling, guidance, literacy etc. Mental Health Case Study – gender identity disorder sample essay



This paper allows students to explore a contemporary issue that affects the healthy aging of older Canadian adults.  Students will analyze their chosen issue within the context of healthy aging.


                                              Marking and Paper Format Scheme                                Marks
Introduction, Purpose and Background

·         Clearly define and describe the issue. Explain why this issue is important to: (a) the health of Canadian older adults; and (b) nursing practice (10 marks).

·         Clearly state your purpose or researchable question (5 marks). Mental Health Case Study – gender identity disorder sample essay





Strategies to Promote/Protect Health

·         Clearly and concisely describe your literature search strategy and the results of your search (5 marks).

·         Report three evidence-based interventions (2012 – 2017) from research articles that address your chosen issue. For each intervention (10 marks), report the following:

1.    Major findings: Describe the intervention in detail.

2.Relevance: How is the intervention relevant to your topic?

3.Usefulness: Are there any limitations (research or practical) to its usefulness for your selected topic?

4.    Reliability of data: Do the authors convince you that the evidence regarding this intervention is reliable? Why or why not?

5.    Credibility: Is the resource credible? Explain. Mental Health Case Study – gender identity disorder sample essay








The Nurse’s Role in Health Promotion/ Protection

·         What is the role of the nurse when addressing this issue in healthy aging? Consider:

1.the CNA (2015) Framework for the Practice of Registered Nurses in Canada (5 marks)

2.the holistic needs of older adults (physical, psychological, social, cultural, spiritual) (5 marks).

·         What are potential barriers/challenges for the nurse to consider when he/she is implementing the interventions (5 marks), and how might they be overcome? (5 marks)






Summary and Conclusions

·         Briefly summarize the purpose and main findings, and offer conclusions.




Writing Process

·         APA format (6th edition APA, second printing)

·         Scholarly Writing (spelling, grammar, organization, flow, depth of discussion)

·         Peer feedback form completed and submitted (signed by author and reviewer). Written paragraph that clearly summarizes the areas upon which you focused to improve your paper (refer to marker feedback provided in 63-171) Mental Health Case Study – gender identity disorder sample essay








Total /100


Students must submit their own papers.

Important Information:

  • Page length is four double-spaced pages. Use APA 6th edition, second printing for format and writing style. Pages beyond four will not be marked nor read. The page limit does not include the title page, reference list, or appendix.


  • A minimum of three peer-reviewed articles, from scholarly sources will be used to support evidence based strategies and interventions. In addition, textbooks and other scholarly sources may be used to support your analyses. These articles must also be submitted with your paper, or your paper will be deemed late until they are submitted. Mental Health Case Study – gender identity disorder sample essay


  • All papers must be submitted to a plagiarism detection software for assessment. The originality report, with written explanation of similarity, must be submitted. Refer to course outline for detailed policies.


  • The paper must be submitted in a plain envelope, with your student number marked on the outside, otherwise the paper will not be accepted by the instructor.


  • Electronic paper submission is not permitted.


  • See the marking scheme and rubric for further detailed grading criteria


  • Writing style deductions will apply to papers. One mark will be deducted for every new spelling, grammar and sentence structure error, up to a maximum of 10 marks. Mental Health Case Study – gender identity disorder sample essay


Rubric for Grading Written Assignments


Category Superior Very Good Average Failing grade
Response to the Assignment Applicable, plausible

Sophisticated insight into the concept of health within current and future trends. Many new ideas expressed.

Describes new concepts accurately.

Some insight and originality demonstrated.


Uses familiar concepts, offers few new concepts. Response to the assignment is adequate. Lack of comprehensive thought or structure. Does not meet criteria for assignment.
Use of Evidence 


Logical reasoning and support for statements.


Examples of primary sources evident. Critiques, analyzes, generates unanswered questions. Excellent integration of cited material into paper.

Mental Health Case Study – gender identity disorder sample essay


Examples of primary sources present.

Citations well integrated.

Some examples from the literature used to support points.

Quotes not well integrated.


No evidence of support from the literature referred to.

Quotes “plopped into the paper” Not integrated into sentences in a meaningful way.

Degree of Analysis


Analysis is fresh and exciting, poses new ways to view material and concepts. Evidence related although points may not be clear. Analysis offers nothing new, quotes do not relate to analysis No attempt to link evidence to argument.
Application to Practice Clear and definitive implications to self development are evident. Application to self described: fair degree of breadth / depth of argument. Surface level degree of application. No application to self demonstrated or inappropriate application.
Professional Writing Excellence throughout and is creative and original in thought. Excellent flow of logic and reason.

Free of grammatical errors and APA errors, presents ideas clearly and professionally. Mental Health Case Study – gender identity disorder sample essay

Presents ideas clearly and professionally. Good flow of logic and reason.

Free of grammatical errors and APA errors.

Presents ideas adequately with some laps in logic and reason.

Some grammatical or APA errors.

Writing clarity and flow is poor. No logical follow through of ideas.

Many grammatical and APA errors.


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