Human Becoming Theory Essay Example – Rosemarie R. Parse

Human Becoming Theory Essay Example – Rosemarie R. Parse

Assignment: Theory Project: Submit Content Outline


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Submit your theory project outline. Follow the rubric for the theory outline; use a PowerPoint slide presentation. Use bullet points in your presentation to address each section of the rubric. Human Becoming Theory Essay Example – Rosemarie R. Parse. Make sure you have addressed all aspects of the presentation according to the rubric. Remember to include your rationale for the theory selection.


(My selected Theorist is Rosemarie R. Parse)


Assignment 3.2: Theorist Project Reminder: Submit Content Outline Rubric

Assignment 3.2: Theorist Project Reminder: Submit Content Outline Rubric
Criteria Ratings Pts
Introduction to theorist, including rationale for selection
3.0 pts

Complete intro with rationale

2.0 pts

Partial intro

0.0 pts

No intro

3.0 pts
Overview of theory
3.0 pts

Complete overview

2.0 pts

Partial overview

0.0 pts

No overview

3.0 pts
Contributions to nursing/health care
3.0 pts

Complete contributions listed

1.0 pts

Partial list of contributions

0.0 pts

No contributions listed

3.0 pts
Theory – practice link
3.0 pts

Complete link identified

2.0 pts

Partial identification of link

0.0 pts

No link

3.0 pts
Presentation in bullet list, PowerPoint
3.0 pts

Complete presentation and bullet list items

2.0 pts

Partial presentation and bullet list items

0.0 pts

No presentation or bullet list items

3.0 pts
Total Points: 15.0


  • Rosemarie Rizzo Parse graduated from Duquesne University, Pittsburg with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • She proceeded to earn a master’s degree and Ph.D.  in nursing from the same institution.
  • She thereafter purposed to improve the nursing perspective on the quality of life and dignity of humans from families, patients, and communities.
  • To achieve this, she set out a theory that was grounded in human sciences which would add to the knowledge in nursing. Human Becoming Theory Essay Example – Rosemarie R. Parse.
  • These thoughts were inspired by the idea that, in medical practice, humans were being served with the medical nursing models yet human beings are individuals with priorities in personal value and not machines that need to be fixed.
  • With time, rapid changes in technology, science, management, and economic planning have contributed to new challenges witnessed in the nursing profession.
  • Nursing theories have proven to be the best avenue in addressing most of these challenges
  • Parse’s human becoming theory is a perfect example of a nursing theory that helps to guide clinical practice and provide more holistic care.
  • Through this theory, Parse successfully managed to create-mentor, teach-learn, and lead-follow community and family models used by nurses and other healthcare practitioners in the society today.
  • The theory outlines that, how an individual perceives the world is indeed the particular reality of a person.

Theory Overview

  • The theory was first published in the year 1981 as the Man-living-health theory before being changed to human-becoming theory in the year 1992.
  • The human becoming theory provides guidance to nursing practice to focus more on life’s quality as it is lived and described.
  • It does so by presenting alternatives to the bio-medical approach with the bio-psycho-spiritual-social approach of other nursing theories (Parse, 2015).
  • Its model rates life’s quality from the perspective of an individual as the goal of nursing practice.
  • Therefore the theory is based on three major concepts namely: rhythmicity, meaning, and transcendence.
  • Under the meaning concept, human becoming is considered to be free in situations of the subjective living process of individually valued priorities such that, the authenticity of a person is obtained through experiences that are lived (Parse, 2015) Human Becoming Theory Essay Example – Rosemarie R. Parse.
  • The principle of meaning denotes that, people co-participate in engendering what is authentic for them through self-expression by living their values in a selected way.
  • Humans tend to create individual realities with others by relating their world in how they speak, maintain silence, move or remain still (Parse, 2015).
  • Basing on this knowledge, nurses are not able to comprehend the meaning of the reality of other people unless this meaning is verbally shared or expressed.
  • The second concept of rhythmicity tends to explain the notion of an accented patterning of the interaction of humans.
  • It explains that, by living from one moment to another, it is likely that an individual may or may not display oneself with the emergence of barriers and opportunities that may exist separately or with others.
  • Through these living patterns, people are more likely to reveal their personal meanings and values.
  • However, people may change their patterns by integrating themselves with new ideas and thoughts (Parse, 2015).
  • The last concept of transcendence denotes that, moving past the present moment is an avenue of forging a different way for a person when faced with perpetual changes and ambiguity.
  • The concepts of using ideas that are unfamiliar in life, transformation, one creating his/her own becoming by struggling with forces that propel one through life are mentioned as some of the ways that transcendence can be achieved(Parse, 2015).
  • This means that people progressively choose from countless opportunities in their lives.
  • Apart from these major concepts, Parse developed three major assumptions which are grounded on the ideas of becoming and humans by Rodgers Martha. Human Becoming Theory Essay Example – Rosemarie R. Parse.
  • These assumptions are:

-Human becoming is choosing freely individual meaning with situation and living                         intuitively with value priorities

-Humanbecoming entails configuring rhythmical relation patterns of relating with                                     the human-universe

-Human becoming is condescending with no limitation with emerging possibilities

Contributions to Nursing/Healthcare

  • The theory positively influences the use of a transformative approach to all nursing levels
  • It enhances the understanding of experiences that are human living, quality of health and nursing practice and health (Ortiz, 2018).
  • It also builds the nursing knowledge on experiences that are universally lived with may generally contribute to improved health and life quality.
  • The theory positively influences the ability of nurses to see patients from the patient’s perspective, to be with them and guide them in attaining desired health outcomes (Ortiz, 2018).
  • The theory also influences and cocreates changes in health patterns through nurse-patient relationships.

Linking Theory-Practice

  • In clinical nursing practice, Parse’s theory can be implemented in daily practice by maintaining a presence with a patient, dialogue facilitation and being respectful (Jones, 2016).
  • During processes of decision making, nurses can strive to empower their patients by assisting them to organize and prioritize their goals and beliefs. Human Becoming Theory Essay Example – Rosemarie R. Parse.
  • It is expected that nurses should remain non-judgmental and should not attempt to either influence or manipulate the decisions or emotions of a patient in whichever ways(Jones, 2016).


  • By developing the human becoming theory, Rosemarie Parse greatly contributed to the development of the nursing profession and clinical nursing practice.
  • The theory is grounded on three major assumptions and principles namely: rhythmicity, meaning, and transcendence.
  • Its major concepts revolve around a person, health, environment, and nursing
  • In nursing practice, this theory can be applied by nurses through maintaining a dialogue with patients, guiding patients in the decision making process and being non-judgmental.



Jones, K. A. (2016). Uniting nursing theory and current practice to manage suicide in Canada. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice6(9), 73. Human Becoming Theory Essay Example – Rosemarie R. Parse

Ortiz, M. R. (2018). Leading-Following: Guiding Care in the Community. Nursing science quarterly31(2), 180-184.

Parse, R. R. (2015). Rosemarie Rizzo Parse’s human becoming paradigm. Nursing theories and nursing practice, 263-277. Human Becoming Theory Essay Example – Rosemarie R. Parse



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