Healthcare Balanced Card example

Healthcare Balanced Card example

Balanced Card for Eisenhower Medical Center

Mission Statement and Goals

Eisenhower Health, a not-for-profit organization, exists to serve the changing healthcare needs of our region by providing excellence in patient care with supportive education and research. We ensure that measured outcomes meet/exceed agreed upon expectations. Evidence based clinical practice policies, procedures, and other standards are practiced 100% of the time. Tests, treatments and procedures are thoroughly explained to patients and are understood. Patients, visitors and donors are always safe from harm and prefer Eisenhower because of its high quality. We strive that our staff always practice good manners, are friendly, polite, and emotionally sensitive to each individual whether patient, family, visitor or fellow employee and we assure you our services are provided efficiently and effectively with a minimum of waste. Healthcare Balanced Card example


Table 1

Analysis of Environment

Social Technological Economical Environmental Political
We count with live interpreters 24/7 to assist in our Emergency department and ICU Cancer, Neuroscience, Cardiovascular, Orthopedics — these Centers of Excellence at Eisenhower Medical Center provide award-winning, comprehensive care for our patients requiring these specialized services Our main source comes as donations from our long standing benefactors.  Improve our outsource of pollutants in our community by encouraging our employees and patients to recycle and dispose trash in adequate bins and containers. Understand and support our local governors and entities in compliance with the state of CA and city of Rancho Mirage.
Our aging population has an average of 60-70% in ratio New therapies for Non-invasive Procedures such as Vapotherm and E-Zpap Understand and support our local needs. Parking structure is large and ample for all our staff and patients

Healthcare Balanced Card example

Support and understand our schooling programs for our local academies and colleges
Provide safe and potable water A new pulmonary Laboratory for inpatient services Creation of a program where Non-insurance patients can opt for financial services in-house Count with our own Cleaning and housekeeping team Support our employees for adequate time for jury duty special Vote days.
Ensure a security team is always in and around perimeters. First Robotic bronchoscopies were launched in May 2019 Cafe and restaurant 24/7 open for staff and patients Continuing recycling education for patients, family members and employees. Remain non political neutral parties


Table 2


















Personalized care New Ventilators/ RT equipment Employ full time interpreters


2 more acute care hospitals
Happy and low turnout of employees

Healthcare Balanced Card example


Old medical equipment In-House financial Services Reject discrimination
Great management team effort Unstable permanent positions



Housekeeping services Zero tolerate to sexual harassment


In the table 2 above, the focus between customer and internal perspectives are combined. These highlights what the customer is looking for and how at Eisenhower is responding. There are three areas focused: The customer relationship, market leadership and operational excellence. Eisenhower also splits their “Learning and Growth” into perspective. Healthcare Balanced Card example

Table 3

Balanced Card


Objectives       Current     Target

Efficient Billing      7 days            5 days Reduc Op. Cost     $50,000         $45,000 Neg Price C           $80,000         $60,000


Learning and Growth

Objectives                  Current                Target

Organized Operations  Moderate            Mild Unresolved Issues       12,000                 5,000


Customer/Patient Satisfaction

Objectives                Current          Target

Dissatisfaction           25%              18% Law Suits                  5                   0


Internal Process


Objectives                  Current                Target

Innovations                 12                        20 Inventory Control        90%                    95% Employee Retention    30%                    50% Patients w/o Insurance  10%                   5% Healthcare Balanced Card example



These balanced card was created and based on information from previous data from Eisenhower Health internal database and some numbers may or may not reflect of current accuracy until this day.


How to improve our productivity and cost of care. (2017). Retrieved from Healthcare Balanced Card example


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