Health Psychology – Quality of Life Essay

Health Psychology – Quality of Life Essay

This class is about Health Psychology.

For this essay: Quality of Life is a subjective construct.

  • What does quality of life mean to you right now?
  • How has that changed in the last five years?
  • How do you think it will change in the next five years?


Health Psychology




There is no single universal definition of what the term “quality of life” means. To some people, it could mean having a good car, a nice house, a loving and healthy family or even the ability to earn a good salary that is able to sustain a comfortable life (Kaplan and Ries, 2007). In my own opinion though, I believe the quality of life is the general well-being of the population and the society at large. I believe that this is the ability of a society to enjoy better healthcare services, peace, and aspects of international development able to foster the continuity of humanity Health Psychology – Quality of Life Essay.

According to Crosby, Kolotkin and Williams (2003), the quality of life has changed dramatically in recent years. In the last five years, for instance, the globe has witnessed a number of developments worth noting. Through technology and other developments, a number of diseases that proved challenging to treat are now treatable. In the last five years a lot of hospitals seem to have moved towards a patient-empowered approach. Health Psychology – Quality of Life Essay. Long hospital stays have been reduced significantly while aspects of patient empowerment seem to have been enhanced in the last five years. Apart from changes in other industries, the healthcare sector seems to have improved a lot.

More is yet to come. In the next five years, the quality of life will improve to become much better. According to Crosby, Kolotkin and Williams (2003), doctors will use DNA to keep patients well. It is expected that in the next five years, cloud-based cognitive systems could make personalized medicine in scales and speeds never witnessed before. People suffering from certain forms of tumor will be subjected to a machine that will be able to determine specific mutations of their tumors in addition to identifying the best combination of medications. In the next five years, it is expected that time taken to find the right medication will be significantly reduced. Health Psychology – Quality of Life Essay.


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Kaplan, R. M., & Ries, A. L. (2007). Quality of life: concept and definition. COPD: Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, 4(3), 263-271. Health Psychology – Quality of Life Essay


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