HCIS140 Information Systems Worksheet

HCIS140 Information Systems Worksheet

Information Systems

 Complete Parts A and B of this worksheet.

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 Part A 

Vocabulary Words Definitions Purpose Type (If Applicable)
Information System According to Kroenke, “Information system is a group of components that interact to produce information” (2015). It is an organized system for collecting and storing information that helps medical professionals to communicate and be more productive in treating patients. It stores, manages, transmits, and captures information related to a person’s health status and medical history. It makes accessing the medical records of the patients a lot easier to access by the medical professionals. Information System is a combination of hardware and software.

HCIS140 Information Systems Worksheet

Hardware Hardware is the physical component of a computer. The main purposes of a hardware are to accept input, process data, and provide output. Hardware
CPU The Central Processing Unit contains the arithmetic-logic unit and control unit (Burke and Weill, 2013). The CPU is the brain of a computer and is responsible for making calculations, processing, searching, and sorting information. CPU is a hardware.
Memory and Storage It is where all the data are stored. The purpose of memory and storage is to provide temporary and permanent storage. Memory and Storage are hardware.
Input and Output Devices An input is the data that a computer receives, while an output is the data that a computer sends.

HCIS140 Information Systems Worksheet

Input devices’ function is to take the data that humans understand and then translates it into a form that the computer can understand. Once the data is processed, the output devices translate it into a form that humans can understand such as, hard copy and soft copy (Burke and Weill, 2013). Input and output devices are considered as hardware.
Software A software is consist of programs that let the computer manage its resources. Without the software, the hardware does not have any use (Burke and Weill, 2013). Software refers to various programs to operate a computer. The software enables the computer to perform the tasks that you want it to do. It helps individuals process and do what they want and need to do in the computer. Software
Operating Systems Operating systems are system software that manage both the hardware and software resources and provide services for the programs in a computer.  (Wikipedia website, 2017). Operating systems ensures security by making sure that unauthorized users are not able to access a computer. It recognizes input, sends output, and keep track of the files and documents. Operating systems are software.

HCIS140 Information Systems Worksheet


Section B

  1. Explain the difference between computer hardware and software?

Since the computer hardware is generally any physical device used in or with the machine but software is a collection of codes which is installed in the computer hard drive and it is intangible. For example the mouse which we use to navigate is the computer hardware whereas the internet browser which allows us to visit various pages and the operating system that runs the browser is considered software. HCIS140 Information Systems Worksheet.

  1. How can technology be used to bring health care information in areas of the world that lack electricity and landlines?

We know that mobile phones have incredible potential in the healthcare sector especially in the poor countries where there is a lack of electricity and landlines. Since we know that the medical care in these areas or countries is underdeveloped reason being no sufficient money to fund for expensive medical instruments or machines or lack of medical specialists. As we know that 8 out of 10 individual worldwide has a cell phone hence the utility increases more because they can access to the medical information.

The cell phone can be used as a telemedicine which provide remote clinicians to access specialists from a distant place efficiently. Since we know that this is happing in the Botswana, Africa.  It is also used as the medical imaging which occurs in three steps

  • Measurement of the patient
  • Computer processing of the measurement and production of image
  • Image display on the doctor side

3) Why is the use of information systems in health care important? Explain your answer. HCIS140 Information Systems Worksheet.

The information system has much more to offer in managing the healthcare cost and also helps to improve the quality of the healthcare. It also helps in decision making since it educates the people about healthcare which give them an upper hand. It generally address to the barriers like digital technology which includes cost, cultural factors etc.







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