Families dealing with Dementia Essay

Families dealing with Dementia Essay

Develop a paper on the topic :
Families dealing with Dementia

 Overview of paper -content, organization, objectives
 Identification and defense of topic choice
 Inform the reader what the paper will be discussing
Overview and Background-Key aspects of topic related to family health
 The student will assess current resources and services available to the target population of families and identify areas that reflect gaps in care. Families dealing with Dementia Essay.
 Discussion of what is currently being done? Who does this effect? How does this effect nursing care provided?
 What circumstances have changed or needs to be changed that makes a new nursing approach necessary?


Critical analysis
 Discussion regarding impact of issue on the family and nursing, supported by literature
 Critical analysis of the literature using nursing research and practice-based sources. Families dealing with Dementia Essay.
 Investigate the quantitative and qualitative research that identifies gaps, barriers or areas of struggle for families as related to the health care system and/or nursing care.
 Discussion of your ideas, including critical analysis and rationale for recommendations and options that would fill the gap and serve family care.
 Integration of appropriate scholarly literature
 Demonstration of critical thinking and scholarly thought
New Recommendation
 Discussion of new nursing recommendation/approach
 Discussion of pros and cons related to new recommendation/approach
 Identifies how new approach can be implemented. Families dealing with Dementia Essay.
 Uses creativity in developing different nursing approach(es) that will address any gap(s). Explain how the new approach may be implemented and the role of the nurse. Throughout this paper ensure to maintain a nursing focus related to families and support your ideas with references. Families dealing with Dementia Essay.


When referring to Dementia one must recognize the fact that it is a broad categorization of diseases/ illnesses. However, all are related and attack the same specific part of the body in human anatomy. Dementia is, therefore, a broad category of brain-related ailments, its long-term effects include gradual decrease in the ability of an individual to think and remember things that are core to human existence. These, in turn, lead to interruptions of daily functioning of the ailing patient. Several notable symptoms consist of problems with language, emotional difficulties and persistent decrease in motivation. Families dealing with Dementia Essay. Interestingly consciousness is not affected. Other functions that get changed are; ability to pay attention and focus continuously, visual perception, coordination and motor functions, judgment and reasoning capacity as well as communication. People battling the above often have a short memory, for instance, it is hard to remember pending bills, commitments regarding dates and appointments. Keeping track of personal belongings for example wallets and purses may also prove to be daunting.  There are different types of dementia which are; vascular dementia, Lewy body, Frontotemporal, Parkinson’s disease and others. However the most common and occurring is Alzheimer’s disease, of all reported and diagnosed cases it accounts for two-thirds of the patients making it the most popular form of Dementia (Clarke et al, 2016). It is common to have various types of Dementia in one body, and some cases run through the family hence passed down through generations genetically Families dealing with Dementia Essay. It is worth noting that these cases are very few. These diseases have no known cure, the efforts taken globally are to reduce the risk factors that may bring about the development of dementia. High blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, smoking must end. For a family living with Dementia, it is troubling to see your kin suffer, some have spent a considerable amount of wealth in search of a cure rendering their families impoverished. Denial, anger, loneliness, and fear may engulf the patient and the family due to various myths and misconceptions circulated not understanding that the condition is manageable. In today’s world, it is impossible for the working class to take care of their kin once diagnosed with this ailment. Families dealing with Dementia Essay. These are due to their commitments, and they also need to work to provide for their families, this fact is apparent that the typical human being is not able to give the recommended professional care. Both the rich and the unfortunately result into placing the sick into the hand of caregivers who provide quality services either at home or at their facilities. Families dealing with Dementia Essay.


Several organizations have emerged due to the needs that have arisen. These groups exist for the sole purpose of supporting, educating and training people on the disease. For instance, relatives need to understand that there is a change in the patients functioning, this prevents them from scolding the patients every time they mess up but put up systems to facilitate them on their duties. Training on how to handle patients is undertaken for example to ensure medication prescribed is accurate (Backhouse et al, 2017). In nations such as New Zealand, such organizations have established websites. Here families get to interact among themselves and share their journey. These give motivation to others to also conquer some of the difficulties they may face. It may not be possible to visit a physiatrist and afford the consultation fees required, but these organizations offer free clinics, free advice to patients and check up on them. However people still discriminate against this ailment terming the patients mad, others brutalized for lack of information, neglected as the cost of treatment is high. These is as a result of the presence of gaps in the areas of training staff, caregivers and family members. There is also a problem with patients receiving medication and help too late into the ailment Families dealing with Dementia Essay. The help becomes of little impact in improving his/ her health. Information Technology system is not compatible enough to provide better and quality services to detect faint symptoms during its earliest stages.

The existence of online communities globally is essential in sensitization to this diseases, people today take healthier food, control weight, and blood sugar to avoid such complications in future. One of the most significant of the progress is the publications of side effects of smoking on the tobacco packages globally. This act has led to a consistent decline in smoking. Funding is pumped into research and health organizations to develop cures as well as treat the ill. It has led to the hiring of more competent caregivers who can go round attending to those at home. These provide affordable and standard treatment by qualified professionals hence the patients are living a more dignified life. The world health organization projects that minimising the risk factors prevents 50.07% of infections it has therefore recognized the need to have nurses conduct training and sensitization camps to help educate the public in what is now health promotion and client education Families dealing with Dementia Essay.

Earlier nursing homes did not attract a considerable number of ailing patients due to problems like lack of individualized care. Families dealing with Dementia Essay. Those caregivers doing rounds in dwellings suffered a lot. For instance, through the hands of families and friends of the victims who become relentless and do not provide adequate operating space to work. These led to the development of a new approach to facilitate the smooth running of nursing homes, provide sufficient and quality based care as well as winning hearts of the patient’s family and friends. Simple and innovative ways, such as improving quality of life is the way to go (Leahey et al, 2016). For the patient and their family comfort is all they require, simple tasks like carrying a doll or eating a specific snack provide the patient with peace of mind and joy, calming them down and cooling erratic behaviours. Research that drew significant improvements in the patients evidently proved that one should identify tasks that are of the patient’s interest and develop a plan on how to implement them on a daily basis. It is recorded that engagement in this activities reduce argumentativeness and agitation by patients improving their confidence significantly Families dealing with Dementia Essay.


Occurring in mostly the aged, most people suffering from dementing illnesses require care by a family member, this brings about social, physical, monetary and psychological effects on the family. These may significantly affect one’s career due to high-stress levels and clinical depression which occur in the affected. Many people often have to pick and choose whether to take care of an ailing family member or involve caregivers and institutions. It has created jobs in the health sector whereby more nurses are hired to take care of patients at their homes or in caregiving institutions. An, estimated 30 million people have dementia Families dealing with Dementia Essay. The number also doubles every 20 years. These translates to about 10 million people in the United States of America providing care to family members. In the world, 75% of the patients eventually are taken in by family members who include their sibling, children, and spouses who contribute the highest number of caregivers. Most spouses, wives consist of the most senior number taking care of, their husbands 60%, there is also the most significant proportion of informal caregivers who do not benefit from any amount regarding a salary of allowance (Lethin et al 2016). Families dealing with Dementia Essay.

Estimations show that 44% of those providing care in globally are below the age of 18 this translates into a 306 billion dollars of unpaid wages and allowances. These young ones are mostly looking after their aged parent or grandparents hence may not even recognize the urge to request payments due to the bonds formed during parenting and lack of better alternatives. Families dealing with Dementia Essay Of all caregivers Sanders noted that between 55% and 90% of the caregiving family members, enjoyed activities with their relatives, sense of togetherness, increased faith, feeling of a reciprocal bond and feelings of accomplishments and mastery during the period which they provided care (Kasper et al 2015). Following the above those who wish to propel their careers and do not prefer to provide care themselves they admit their ailing into homes. Similarly, they too are not immune to, stress and depression. Their only delegated duty is providing round the clock care which nurses do at the shelters. Nurses identify the various types of dementia and understand the roadmap through which to provide care to their residents. They hence focus on the remaining abilities of the ailing to promote their well-being. Families dealing with Dementia Essay.

Being a broad spectrum of activities caregiving homes should take advantage and establish proper systems to distance themselves with ancient beliefs tainting their names. Disease brought down families physically and financially, once an individual gets convinced of quality care of their relative, there would be no hesitation in admitting them in a residency.  Majority of people living with dementia symptoms live in developing countries. These outline the need for their relatives to work to support the other family members. In developing countries, there is a wide gap between the rich and poor and majority living below the poverty line. Therefore no one should quit a job to give care (DILLARD 2016). Work is essential for survival. Consequently, it is vital for the government and all stakeholders to invest heavily in technology to detect the disease at an early stage. It is also crucial that the public sensitization on the need to avoid social norms that lead to Dementia later on as they age. Families dealing with Dementia Essay.


The sad reality is that Dementia currently has no cure. It implies that those who have it must live and die with it. Research has shown that half of that population of octogenarians die in nursing homes. These have sparked outrage all over by stakeholders demanding for a gentler approach to how they are taken care off at the hospices. Due to the constant rise in the number of the aged and that of the ailment, the current personal-based and the recovery based approach have been reviewed to establish the better method in the care of the elderly living with Dementia. The recovery-based model is broader and underlines the personal based responsibility. It is better as it allows the patient’s involvement in the activities undertaken. It is a form of empowerment as one chooses how they wish to live in their community. The approach advocates for social inclusion, self-management, and hope in all activities undertaken. Through various studies, it has shown significant progress in boosting confidence and self-esteem among the ailing (Yerushalmi et al, 2014) Families dealing with Dementia Essay.

The recovery-based approach requires one to be their own expert whereby they even identify critical stress point and ways on how to manage them. With the help of a nurse, the patients acquire guidance on methods or techniques through which they can implement their plan. For example, one may be required to eat a favourite snack or hold a doll to divert attention from a stress point. This method has revolutionized mental health treatment. People are provided with a sense of comfort and hope that Families dealing with Dementia Essay.  This approach, however, adds burdens to already overstretched families this therapy is expensive, it also undermines the role of professionalism in treating mental problems in the society.


Mental health is not a walk in the park, any form of dementia however faint is a call to distress however it is a manageable ailment when discovered early. It is therefore essential that one undergoes check-ups and establishes a healthy living plan to avoid the stress factors that may lead to them. Having no cure adds to the discord in some cases people abandoned by their families at nursing homes seen as a burden. The development of a new approach by nursing institutions is changing the tide and bringing about hope in tackling the ailment. However, more support from all stakeholders is required to reduce the enormous numbers anticipated in the future. Families dealing with Dementia Essay.



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