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For this assignment, the client is a 35 year old Hispanic male whose clinical diagnosis is Type II Diabetes Mellitus. The nursing diagnosis is uncontrolled levels of blood sugar due to non-compliance to medications as evidenced by a blood glucose level of 350mmol/l.  This paper details the clients comprehensive care plan and is divided into six sections which are adequately discussed namely; short term and long term nursing goals, nursing interventions, safety needs, the Cultural/Spiritual Implications and lastly the strategy for health maintenance, restoration and promotion.

Short Term Goals

The client’s blood glucose levels will reduce to below 200within one hour.

The client will be able to demonstrate how to take his blood sugar levels and correctly interpret results.

Long Term Goals

The patient will be able to adhere to medications in the long term.

The patient will be consistent in self-management with diet, exercise and medications

The client will be able to adequately conduct self-risk-assessments at various time intervals

Nursing Interventions

Basing on the short term goals, to reduce the client’s blood glucose levels, insulin will be administered as directed by the physician. To achieve the objective on the client’s ability to take his blood glucose and interpret to the results, a practical demonstration through vides will be provided.  Adherence to diabetic medications promotes constant blood glucose levels such that, the client has good blood flow and reduced health risks. The nursing intervention for this goal will be educating the patient on the significance of consistency in diabetic treatments. The long term goal of self-management through exercise and diet will be actualized through referral to a dietician and close monitoring of weight and nutritional habits. So that the patient is able to conduct an individual self-risk assessment, he will be educated on the potential risks and complications of diabetes.

Safety Needs

The patient is also hypertensive hence the need to urgently control his blood pressure. He is also still a heavy smoker and drunker. For adequate blood pressure and diabetic management, it will be mandatory that the client limits alcohol intake and stops smoking.

Cultural/Spiritual Implications

            Since the client is a Hispanic, there is the need to determine how culture and religion affect dietary and social life aspects as this has an influence on the management of diabetes. For instance, the Hispanic culture embraces a diet that is full of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates increase the levels of blood glucose and its intake should be controlled to prevent fluctuating blood glucose levels.

Strategy for Health Restoration/ Maintenance and Promotion

The client’s readiness to adhere to medications and potential barriers that hinder medication adherence will be determined. The client’s readiness to learn and signs for avoidance to learn will also be sought. A support person for the client will be identified and notified to provide the client with emotional support, moral support and psychological support when deemed necessary. The client will be expected to undergo basic health education on Diabetes. This education will be central to diabetes, its management, potential risks and significance. He will be provided with additional learning resources such as videos and websites on diabetes care. This will promote further learning based on the client’s speed and understanding. The client will also be provided with information about community resources, local community support groups and diabetic educators.

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