Compassion Fatigue in Nursing Sample Essay

Compassion Fatigue in Nursing Sample Essay

According to the human caring theory that was developed by Jean Watson, the only relationship that exists between a patient and a nurse is that of caring which requires compassion, empathy, spiritual, emotional and physical presence in all interactions. Therefore, he theorized that, compassion is an integral aspect of a caring environment. Nurses have a mandatory role of developing a caring environment and can use the ten caritas process to actualize this development in their daily routines to ensure a healing environment (Cocker & Joss, 2016).  The ten caritas are however not only applicable for the patient but also for nurses. This is attributed to the fact that nurses must be healthy in order to provide patient care. Compassion Fatigue in Nursing Sample Essay.

It should however be noted that, nurses are often exposed to traumatic events of the people they care for and this can negatively impact, patient care standards, how to relate with friends, family and colleagues or even lead to more serious mental health disorders especially depression, post-traumatic stress disorder or anxiety, a situation that is best described as compassion fatigue (Mathias & Wentzel, 2017). In this concept analysis paper of compassion fatigue, Avant & Walker’s concept analysis approach will be used to analyze compassion fatigue and its relation to a caring environment. Avant & Walkers concept analysis approach includes: concept definition, literature review, attributes definition, identifying consequences and antecedents, identifying two empirical referents and reviewing a model case. Compassion Fatigue in Nursing Sample Essay.


According to (Mathias & Wentzel (2017), compassion fatigue is defined as a sustained feeling of tiredness with a diminished capacity to function effectively both mentally and physically. The most specific attributes that can be used to define compassion fatigue include:  emotional exhaustion, patient depersonalization, self-centeredness and cynicism.


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