Clinical Experience During Internship

reflection paper

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Introduction (1 paragraph)

Explain why you chose to do your internship in the area(s) you chose. (3 – 5 sentences)

Clinical Experience ( 6 – 8 paragraphs)

The following items provide some ideas to reflect upon when describing your clinical experience

Explain why or how you achieve the competencies associated with your clinical experience.
Describe your perception about the opportunity to explore the particular area of respiratory care. Was this enough time? Why or why not?
Based on your experience and observations, do you see yourself practicing in the specific area of respiratory care? Why or why not?
Describe what you found most challenging or exciting about the area of respiratory care specialty?
Describe the drawbacks to practicing in this respiratory care area?
Describe the pros and cons of working in the particular respiratory care environment?
Describe the nature of the work? (Interesting, difficult, boring, and etc.)
Describe what you enjoy the most? The least?
Was the experience different from what you expected it to be?
Describe the most valuable skills you gained during your specialty rotation? These can be patient, interpersonal, professional or combinaiton.

Surprise or Aha Moments (6 paragraphs)

Describe the “aha” moments and your reaction.
Describe the most surprising aspect of the specialty rotation

Professionalism (4 – 6 paragraphs)

What are your observations of the hospital as an organization, the department of respiratory care, the respiratory therapists, and the patients, the nurses, the doctors, the interaction among and between these groups?(provide examples)
What have you learned about the professional responsibility of respiratory therapist?
Did you feel there was a gap in the theory and the practice of respiratory care?
Did you feel the respiratory therapists you worked with/observed were effective, professional/knowledgeable/excited about the career?
What is your evaluation of the effectiveness of the respiratory care department?

Comparison (3 – 6 paragraph)

Compare your classroom/clinical experience with the practical aspects of the specialty rotation.

Conclusion (2 paragraph)

Write a summary or conclusion for this paper.

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