APNs Essay

APNs Essay

1. Briefly describe how your health system will “market” the roles of different types of APNs who are to be hired. Be sure to provide us a customized plan, one that speaks specifically to what you’ve already told us about how APNs will be used in your health system. In other words, while we need to see that you are working from ideas gleaned from the reading assignments, it is important that we see how you will adapt those general principles to the very specific needs of your health system and the very specific manner in which you have told us that you will use APNs. Remember that “marketing” involves selling others (specifically patients) on the concept of obtaining care from providers who are not physicians. APNs Essay.


2. How can an organization effectively incorporate APNs who are new graduates?

3. It is common for some who promote APN practice to assert that there is a “cost-savings” that result from utilizing APNs (and PAs) to the fullest extent of their education and scope of practice APNs Essay. Making this assertion can be thorny: therefore, please address these points: (a) Do you agree or disagree that there would be a cost savings by using APNs and PAs? (of course, you must support either answer), and (b) If a health system felt strongly that there would be cost savings by using APNs and PAs, how could be the issues of equal pay for equal work be addressed?


Nursing APNs Essay

The organization can market APNs through campaigns that aim to improve the health condition of community members. For example, APNs can conduct health education interventions in the local community to increase their contact with the patients/community members. Secondly, APNs in the organization can provide care services to the needy at affordable prices (Ortiz et al., 2018). This marketing strategy has been shown to bring out positive outcomes. Moreover, the organization can share the different roles and scope of various APNs through social media, newsletters, as well as using patient-friendly blogs to educate the audience. APNs Essay.

Incorporating APNs who are New Graduates

First, it is important to engage all organizational stakeholders including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, etc., about the new APNs to ensure role clarity and the same time have the required support.  According to Contandriopoulos et al (2015) stakeholder participation during the introduction of APNs is important in ensuring support for the projected change. The organization needs to develop guidelines and expectations for the APN position and create a supportive environment that will effectively facilitate integration and implementation of the role. A systematic guide should be used to reduce or prevent barriers that can hinder the successful implementation of the APN roles in the organization.

“Cost-Savings” with APNs

I agree that there are cost-saving when using APNs. This is because APNs are paid less than physicians for providing the same services to patients. Also, evidence indicates that APNs reduce patient hospitalizations, prolonged hospital stay, visits at the emergency department and this keeps the healthcare costs down for patients and healthcare organizations as well (Martin-Misener et al; 2015). This is because APNs play an important role in health promotion and disease prevention.

The issue of equal pay can be addressed by compensating APNs according to their training and scope of practice, but focusing the cost-savings on the role APNs play in reducing patient hospitalizations, prolonged hospital stays, visits at the emergency department through health promotion and disease prevention (Martin-Misener et al; 2015) APNs Essay.




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