Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) Liability and Risk Management Essay

Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) Liability and Risk Management Essay

Liability and Risk Management

How Organizations Identify and Minimize Risks

Risks associated with the reliability of APNs are identified using different methods such as analyzing patient satisfaction, competencies of APNs, rates of medical errors, attitudes of APNs towards work, as well as nurse-patient relationships. Healthcare institutions have a plethora of methods to mitigate/minimize the potential risks associated with the professionalism and liability of APNs. Firstly, Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) are highly trained in the medical and nursing fields. These healthcare professionals have either masters or Ph.D. in nursing. The healthcare institutions ensure that it recruits highly qualified and experienced APNs who have the relevant skills and expertise in specific fields (Joel, 2017).

Effective Risk Management Strategies

The internal management of the staff via robust human resources management is essential in enhancing the performance of the APNs to reduce the risks associated with the reliability of the nurses. Therefore, the APNs are well managed to enhance their involvement in creating a conducive working environment that is free from factors such as nurse-burnout, demotivation, and poor communication. Therefore, regular reports concerning the trends in the factors mentioned above assist in minimizing the risks. The improvement is of the internal environment such that the APNs work in favorable environments assists in reducing the risks. Other strategies include the provision of the right equipment, medical supplies, as well as technology. Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) Liability and Risk Management Essay


How APNs Help in Risk Management in their Practice

The APNs are governed by various protocols such that each person is responsible for his or her wrongs. In this manner, the hospitals have the ethics and professionalism boards that set the rules and regulations within the hospital. Such boards ensure the APNs act ethically and morally while making nursing/medication decisions. Therefore, errors in medication, diagnosis, prescription, or handling of the patient are minimized. Thus, APNs minimize risks by working within the allowed ethical and professional guidelines. The application of evidence bases practice (EBP) assists in the improvement of their performance and reliability (Coffey, 2019).


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Discussion for Module 9 – Liability and Risk Management
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Answer the following questions in the specific context of your health system and the settings you have told us where APNs will be working: Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) Liability and Risk Management Essay

How your organization should identify and minimize the potential risks regarding professional liability for APNs?
Discuss specific strategies or actions the APN can utilize to ensure effective risk management.
Discuss how APNs will maintain standards of care to as they practice throughout your organization. Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) Liability and Risk Management Essay

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