200 latest religion research paper topics to consider

Religion evolves every day, resulting in new research paper topics. This makes it challenging for students to select the best cases for their research papers. This article provides 200 religion research paper topics to consider for your paper.

religion research paper topics

When choosing a religion research topic, you can go for different approaches. You can choose to focus on certain religions’ history, their specifics of rituals and beliefs, and their impact on society. You can also analyze the differences between different religions. Before looking at the topics, it is essential to know a religion essay, the tips for choosing essay topics, and the different types of religions.

What is a religion essay?

A religious essay is writing that analyzes a particular set of values, beliefs, and morals that people exercise to guide them on the spiritual path. Religion involves cultures, traditions, and customs that inspire people to live a moral life and can share among societies and communities.

Different types of religions

  1. Christianity religion
  2. Hinduism religion
  3. Islamic religion
  4. Judaism religion
  5. Buddhism religion

Tips for choosing the best religion essay topics

If your professor has not provided a topic for your religious essays, you will need to choose a topic to write about. To select a good topic, consider the following tips:

  • Select a topic you are interested in
  • Ensure there are specific sources that relate to your topic of discussion
  • Avoid topics based on a biased view, especially those based on religious leaders and their personalities
  • Avoid critique and attacks topics
  • Cover all the views about a topic when there are several vies on a topic

Religion research paper ideas

There are many areas where you can get ideas for your religious paper topics. You can look for religion research paper example online or consider the following:

  • Faith

Religion has an impact on people’s faith. They believe in the power of faith in some religions. You can believe in something and have it fulfilled through faith. You can get good religion research paper topics from this area.

  • Traditions

 The majority of people follow the precepts of the Holy Book. This is the compass that humans use to navigate the many phenomena of life.

  • World religions

The majority of religions are intertwined. The main difference is that they believe in different kinds of ceremonies, beliefs, powerful beings, and spiritual beings. When writing your research paper about religion, you can consider this area.

  • Theology and philosophy

Philosophy and theology are closely intertwined with religion. Most religious leaders study theology to have a deeper understanding of their faith.

  • Mental health and religion

Religion is also connected to mental health because of people’s beliefs. You can explore these areas for your religious research paper. 

  • Technology and religion

Many new technologies are being used, including cloning, artificial insemination, and frozen embryos. There is a lot of discussion over whether they are ethical, making it a good research area.

  • Religious history

The history of many religions is also included in many research topics. Some myths have been thoroughly debunked and agreed upon. 

Christianity research paper topics

With billions of adherents, Christianity is one of the most popular religions. Its significance in world history cannot be overstated. So, here are some of the fascinating topics which you can use in your religious essays:

  1. Examine the inclusion of Jesus’ known scriptures in the Bible
  2. Examine the social significance of the miracles recounted in the New Testament
  3. Discuss the key components of Christian worldviews
  4. Explain how members of the Jewish community are represented in the Bible
  5. Examine historical records to learn more about Jesus’ life
  6. Examine how Christians in the Middle East have reacted to terrorism
  7. Describe how the Crusades aided in the spread of Christianity
  8. Describe how Christianity was practiced in Rome between the 1st and 5th centuries
  9. Disseminate information about the Protestant Reformation and its impact on modern Christianity
  10. Examine how Renaissance artists portrayed the Church
  11. Consider the differences between Roman Catholicism and Protestant Christianity
  12. Explain how the Holy Trinity fits into the monotheistic idea
  13. Explain King Herod’s part in the Jewish persecution
  14. Describe how the Gnostic Gospels are relevant in today’s world
  15. Discuss the significance of the cross as a Christian symbol
  16. Discuss what Christians can expect in the mid-twentieth century
  17. Mormonism’s place in Christian beliefs and practices
  18. In Christianity, debate political resistance vs. cultural assimilation
  19. Describe the impact of Christianity on the Covid-19 epidemic
  20. Discuss the New Testament’s restricted incorporation of Jesus’ teachings in the book
  21. An examination of life after death from the perspective of the Bible
  22. Analyse and explain the Holy Trinity in today’s context.
  23. Examine how Roman society influenced the spread of Christianity
  24. In literary works, there are several depictions of Christianity
  25. The Christian doctrine in Original Sin is based on psychological principles
  26. The Papacy and its political clout around the world
  27. Christianity’s stance on the death penalty
  28. In scientific experiments, the role of Christianity 

Research topics on religion and culture

  1. Forgiveness and punishment in religion and crime
  2. Religion’s cultural peculiarities
  3. Religion in the Enlightenment Era
  4. Without gods, belief systems
  5. Religion’s impact on the history of education and science
  6. Is it possible to have a single universal religion?
  7. Why do beliefs decay and become lost religions?
  8. Compare prayer and contemplative approaches
  9. Marriage and religion
  10. Will religion ever come to an end?
  11. Religion and women
  12. Religion’s Influence on Adolescents and Teenagers
  13. Sacrifice’s Importance in Religious Practices
  14. From the standpoint of social psychology, religion and the individual
  15. Mental health and religion
  16. Are religion and morality intertwined or distinct?
  17. A religious leader’s personality
  18. Religion and violence: how religion has influenced revolutions and conflicts
  19. What effect does religion have on family ties?
  20. Is it true that religion and reason are mutually exclusive?
  21. What is the best way to start a religion?
  22. Religion’s history and social stratification
  23. In today’s globalized society, religion plays an important role
  24. Religion’s Importance in Environmental Issues
  25. Technology’s religion: modern tribal practices
  26. In religion, symbolism plays an important role.
  27. Alien iconography can be seen in a variety of religions
  28. How can you separate religion from spirituality?
  29. Different religions have similar rites.
  30. Why should the government give religion preferential treatment?

Christianity research paper topics

Christianity is one of the largest religions in the world. If you want to write a research paper on Christianity, consider the following topics:

  1. Forgotten and well-known branches of Christianity
  2. Colonization and Christianity
  3. Christianity has a long history of corruption
  4. Industrialism and Christianity
  5. The individual’s role in Christianity
  6. Imperialism and Christianity
  7. The Christian Church’s mythology and rituals
  8. Differences in the race in Christianity
  9. What do we know about Jesus in terms of his historical significance?
  10. Tolerance in society and Christianity

Islamic research paper topics

Another important religion that requires extensive inquiry and contemplation is Islam. Its image is frequently vilified in the West, yet there is much more. Here are some Islamic essay topics to write about:

  1. Islamic civilizations have a long and illustrious history
  2. What would the world be like if Islam didn’t exist?
  3. In the West, the creation of an image of Islam
  4. Islam’s political influence
  5. In Islam, what is a woman’s role?
  6. The difficulties of Islam’s legal integration
  7. Prejudices and misunderstandings about Islam
  8. Are Islam and traditionalism inextricably linked?
  9. Civil Islamic customs
  10. Islam’s past and future

Religion essay topics on Siddhartha

Siddhartha is the Buddhist founder’s birth name and the title of a novel depicting a contemporary’s spiritual journey. Both are worthy of investigation in a religious and philosophical context. Here are some of Siddhartha’s religion topics for presentation:

  1. Siddhartha has mythological connotations
  2. Siddhartha: a work of fiction and philosophy
  3. Siddhartha’s teaching methods
  4. Non-attachment and Siddhartha
  5. Siddhartha’s concept of salvation
  6. Siddhartha Gautama and his quest for enlightenment
  7. Existentialism and Siddhartha

Argumentative world religion research paper topics

These are some of the best themes for a world religion argumentative paper. If you have any doubts, our qualified writers can assist you. They will only provide professional results to ensure you receive excellent grades.

  1. Doctrinal competency is quite important
  2. When is it legal to have an abortion?
  3. Examine the world’s major faiths
  4. Is it necessary to have situation ethics to maintain a moral code?
  5. The concept of rebirth in the modern world
  6. The religious perspectives on abortion
  7. The reasons for Martin Luther’s defection from the Catholic Church
  8. The incidence of adversity and pain
  9. Women’s roles in congregations
  10. What factors contribute to the emergence of new religions?
  11. Examine Zoroastrianism’s relevance in today’s environment
  12. Examine the many world faiths that do not believe in a god
  13. The relationship between world religions and science in the modern era
  14. Religion’s perspective on LGBTQ individuals around the world
  15. Yoga’s relationship with religion

Good religion topics for research paper

  1. The religious writings’ fundamental themes
  2. Religions sanction slavery
  3. Religion and anthropology are intertwined
  4. Characteristics of someone who has the potential to become a saint
  5. Religion’s different strategies for promoting peace
  6. The Islamic world’s traditions
  7. The various ways to commemorate Christmas
  8. Consider the issue of cloning from a religious standpoint
  9. In Arabic countries, different religious groups have different requirements
  10. Is religion causing more problems than it is resolving?
  11. Satanism is a legitimate faith. Discuss
  12. Compare the methods used by various religions to convert people into their adherents
  13. The role of the Church in the development of national well-being
  14. Is polytheism a legitimate religious option?
  15. The Christian perspective on homosexual marriage

Interesting Bible research topics

  1. Talk about the catastrophic prophets in the old testament’s books of the Bible
  2. When historical data is compared to biblical interpretations of events, it becomes clear that the Bible is correct
  3. The link between gnostic literature and the English Bible
  4. Between the Old and New Testaments, there is symmetry and asymmetry
  5. Old Testament time perspectives: literal or metaphorical?
  6. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X’s lectures on civil rights and the Bible
  7. In the Old Testament, there are laws
  8. The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis and the Bible
  9. In the Bible, there is a connection between murder and love
  10. In the Old Testament, how is marriage viewed?
  11. Gospel Inconsistencies in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John’s views
  12. Conflicts between biblical translations and science
  13. Explorations of retribution in the Old Testament: Moses and the Promised Land
  14. Genesis: Man’s beginnings and the Bible’s use of allegory
  15. The Bible’s use in literature
  16. The Bible’s treatment of other religions
  17. The Roman Empire’s Role in the Bible’s Creation
  18. Bible interpretations in the present day
  19. Gender roles as examined in the Bible
  20. The History of Jesus Christ 

Psychology of religion research topics

  1. Nonbelievers become more committed to their atheism in the face of discrimination
  2. Data suggest that countries with no religion are the most socially advanced
  3. Even atheists intuitively believe that the natural world has a designer
  4. When individuals feel as if things are sliding out of their control, conspiracy theories arise
  5. Is it possible that believe in ghosts aided the development of civilization?
  6. The state and religion: a story of declining power and new revival
  7. The majority of supernatural beliefs are for avoiding damage rather than providing good
  8. What do people imagine God to be like?
  9. Religious leadership raises the number of donations but lowers the value of such donations
  10. The numbers are precise: In the United States, a cultural transition away from religion is underway

Easy topics to write about

  1. The most important distinctions between atheism and agnosticism
  2. The progression of Christian music
  3. The conflict between religious and scientific parties
  4. The influence of the media on religion
  5. The Orthodox Church’s norms of conduct
  6. The conflict between religious and scientific parties
  7. Examine marriage as an orthodox sacrament
  8. According to the Bible, this is the world’s most holy location
  9. Various religions have different funeral customs
  10. Religion’s place in society
  11. The world’s eldest religions
  12. In the Islamic world, polygamous marriages are common
  13. Abortion from a religious perspective
  14. The main issues that pagans encounter
  15. The relationship between religion and the big bang theory
  16. Religious practices have resulted in significant changes

Religious paper topics

  1. Is abortion a sin against God or a matter of having control over your body and children?
  2. Is it your opinion that polygamous marriage should be prohibited?
  3. The relationship between religion and sociology
  4. Should religious leaders run for office?
  5. Examine whether all men are religious enslaved people
  6. Faith is a proven fact
  7. Examine the concept of religious tolerance
  8. Is it possible to describe religion as a tool for capitalists?
  9. People change faith for a variety of reasons
  10. In the early Church, missionaries played an important role
  11. Consider agnosticism in a broad sense
  12. Is cloning a kind of child abuse?

Informative research paper on religion

  1. Religion’s Influence on Terrorism
  2. Diverse religions have different views on sex
  3. The afterlife in various religions is similar
  4. The modern world’s embodiment of totems
  5. In the modern world, animalism manifests itself
  6. Is the story of the “Great Flood” found in all religions?
  7. Compare and contrast shamanism and modern faiths
  8. The importance of baptism for both adults and children
  9. The significance of the month of Ramadan in Islam
  10. The strategies used by various religions to convert followers
  11. Christmas has a special meaning for Christians
  12. The impact of faith on the economy
  13. Compare and contrast modern psychologists with religious counsellors
  14. The use of religious ethics to justify military action
  15. Consider how atheism has become the new world religion

Sociology research paper topics on religion

This field of study uses sociological tools and methodologies to investigate religious beliefs, practices, and organizational forms. The area has a wide range of career prospects and is a popular subject in colleges and universities. Here are some sociology topics that you can find helpful in a religion research paper:

  1. Examine and debate the histories of various Islamic sects all across the world
  2. Describe how religious ceremonies affect people all across the world
  3. Explain how regional factors influence religious systems
  4. In religious systems, discuss global cultural models
  5. Explain Buddhism’s origins and development
  6. Explain the impact of the historical Jesus on societies all around the world
  7. Compare and contrast love and death theologies from around the world
  8. Compare and contrast forgiveness and punishment attitudes
  9. Investigate the interplay between religious systems and society
  10. Discuss how postmodern theology and atheism are similar and different
  11. Take a look at some of the religions that are on the verge of extinction
  12. Examine the view of myth and reality in different faiths
  13. Examine how religious ideas can have an impact on societal morals
  14. Examine and debate the condition of religion in today’s globalized society
  15. In modern religion, describe the basic principles of systematic theology
  16. The ethnography of current religious systems, explain
  17. Describe how different countries approach religious organizations differently
  18. Consider social ethics from a theocentric standpoint
  19. Describe the impact of religious commentary on rational theology
  20. Examine and debate the formation of Western perceptions of Islam
  21. Explain how the world would be different if neither Christianity nor Islam existed
  22. Describe Buddhism’s central meditative practices
  23. Describe how modern life and old values are intertwined
  24. Explain how religious systems in modernized countries affect social classes
  25. Investigate how the industrial revolution influenced religious reform
  26. Describe demographic processes and how they affect religion
  27. Examine how the Islamic faith has influenced world politics
  28. Describe some of the factors that influence women’s decision to become priests
  29. Explain why international governments blame Islam for the Middle East’s violence
  30. Explain what “Indeed Unity” means in the Islamic faith
  31. Explain and debate feminism in the various beliefs of the world
  32. From the standpoint of social psychology, religion and individual viewpoints are important
  33. Discuss how religion has a role in international affairs
  34. Over the years, religious developments have occurred in the setting of scientific discoveries
  35. Consider how religious systems affect democracy
  36. Explain the tenets of Chinese Buddhism
  37. Consider how psychoanalysis has influenced Buddhist ideas
  38. Describe how religion influences societal qualities in today’s environment.
  39. Identify and discuss the most common misunderstandings about Isla
  40. Examine how religious narratives and cultural histories are related

Mentioned above are some of the most suitable topics you can consider for your religious research paper. If you need a specific sample thesis title about religion or a qualitative research title about religion, feel free to reach out to us.

How to write a religion essay

Writing a religion essay can be a challenging task for some students. To score your desired grades on the essay, you must use the proper structure and procedure. The following are some tips for writing an essay about religion:

  • Avoid adding personal prejudices and ideas

Criticizing any religion is risky, but doing it from an emotional or personal perspective is worse. Remember that one person’s opinions and values may not necessarily reflect the views of the entire group.

  • Structure your religion research paper appropriately

A well-structured paper is simple to read and comprehend. It will highlight your points quickly and demonstrate your methodical and planned research strategy.

  • Check the credibility of your sources 

There are a lot of pseudoscientific viewpoints and works on religious themes. Even if some are quality, leaving them out of your work is preferable. Check whether the source is credible before including it in your research paper.

  • Investigate your religion study topics from several angles 

 The most incredible method to minimize prejudice in your research is to present opposing viewpoints. This will result in a well-rounded article that will use scientific approaches to religious studies rather than claiming to have a “one truth.”

  • Try to set the scene 

Religious writings are frequently complicated and full of symbolism. You can easily find contradictory claims in them, but you must provide context for them to convey them reasonably. This does not necessitate a recitation of the entire text; instead, you must mention the overall situation.

Religion research paper outline

Now that we have looked at suitable religion research paper topics, it is essential to learn the outline. When writing an essay on religion, use the following outline:

  • Introduction

The thesis statement is one of the most significant elements to include in an introduction. The primary points of the work are usually contained in a thesis statement, which is usually one phrase long. An excellent thesis statement is specific and straightforward. 

In other words, if a stranger (or your professor) reads your thesis statement, they figure out what your work is about. If you read your thesis statement and it doesn’t accomplish that one purpose, you should modify it.

  • Body paragraphs

Generally, there are at least three body paragraphs in most essays and research papers. You may have more than three body paragraphs depending on the page length requirement specified by your teacher or professor.

Each body paragraph should have a different topic that pertains to your research essay’s main point. Begin each body paragraph with an introduction outlining the paragraphs’ primary points. 

The evidence in the following sentences should back up the claim made in the first sentence of the paragraph. The final sentence should be a conclusion that neatly concludes the body paragraph.

  • Conclusion

Restating your thesis statement is one of the best methods to start your conclusion. Instead of simply quoting oneself, restate or summarize your thesis statement. Then, in one sentence, summarize each of your body paragraphs. 

If you have more than three or four body paragraphs, you might just want to summarize a couple of the most important ones. Finally, conclude your conclusion paragraph with a one-sentence conclusion.

  • Reference page

After completing all of your writing, it’s time to write up your reference page. MLA or APA formatting is likely required in most religious studies curricula. Make sure to place your citations in alphabetical order when creating a reference page.

To sum up

The world of religion is diverted and changing daily due to advancements in technology. As a result, you can get a variety of research paper topics to write about. This article highlights 200 latest religion research paper topics to consider for your essay.

Chose a topic that is researchable and you are interested in. This will help you get motivated in your research and compile your religion research paper. Ensure you read the instructions provided by your professor well.

If you still need help selecting a specific religion research topic or writing a compelling paper, worry not. We provide essay writing services to students at affordable rates. Place your order with us now. 

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